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How to Prepare a Unique Valentine's Day Gift To Express Your Love

Are you stuck finding a Valentine's Day gift that can WOW your loved one and shows how much they mean to you? We've gathered some great and not-so-great gifts to inspire you. Same time, we will teach you how to make a video for a unique Valentine's Day gift.

Valentine's Day

What Makes a Good and Bad
Valentine's Day Gift? - 10 Examples

The WORST Valentine's Day Gifts List

Last Valentines, MY gf found a sweater that my ex left a long time ago in my closet. I didn´t have the heart to tell her it was from my ex, so I said I had bought it for her for Valentines. She was so suprised and happy, and she absolutly loves the sweater, she wears it all the time... (By Reddit user raffagapro)
A girl I started dating a couple of months before Valentine's Day just got out of a long-term relationship with her high school sweetheart. I didn't know she was still in contact with him when we were dating. She handed me a cute little bag with candy and a card. As I opened the card and read her pouring out her soul to her ex-boyfriend about how much she still thinks about him and loves him. (By Reddit user Shlong_Roy)
A Viva Venezuela T-shirt. My gf is Colombian. (By Reddit user Tsquare43)
My dad gave my step mom a toilet seat once for Valentine's Day. He genuinely thought he had the best gift ever. This happened over 5 years ago and we still laugh at him about it EDIT: it was the most generic toilet seat ever. Not even one of the ones that go down slowly” (By Reddit user makingmc)
“The first Valentine’s Day after we were engaged, I said to my now-husband, ‘so we aren’t doing gifts for Valentine’s Day, right?’ He said, ‘well, maybe just something small.’ I followed this rule and got him an engraved money clip. Turns out, his “small” really meant “nothing.” Which I would have been fine with but HE SET THE RULES!” (By Reddit user Kate L.)

The BEST Valentine's Day Gifts List

She cooked dinner on Valentine's Day night. She kept it from me for six months for this dinner because she couldn't cook and wanted to surprise me. So that night, I complimented her cooking as much as I could. Although the taste wasn't the best, I ate it all. She was as pleased as a child. (By Kim from Filmora Team)
She gave me a pregnancy test kit that tested positive as a Valentine's Day gift three years ago. We have a pleased family now. Still grateful for all the good things to ever happen to me. (By Frank from Filmora Team)
I can't speak for the others, but there was this girl I dated a few years back who gave me a personalised song that, despite the passage of time, hasn't left my mind. It was all about me, us, and the wonderful things we did together, and it took only three minutes to put together. This was unlike anything I'd ever experienced before. (By Quaro user Shubh Goyal)
My boyfriend is a really big comic book fan, so I'm making one for him! He's the superhero, and his cat is his boss telling him his missions. For this mission he has to save a helpless civilian (me) from giant walking olives (I hate olives). Eventually, he vanquishes them and gets the girl. It looks like a child drew it and colored it, but I really hope he likes it regardless. (By Reddit user peirastic)
I received a book of love letters from my boyfriend last Valentine's Day. At first, I thought it was an album with my photos until a note slipped out one day. Then I found there was a note with love letters behind every picture. I was shocked and touched, and that's the best Valentine's Day gift I've ever gotten.(By Terri from Filmora Team)

The best gifts are not about price, but sincere heart. A simple item can bear the most touching memories. A short video can express the most profound love.
Here're some gift ideas for your reference:Best Valentines Gifts for Him Best Valentines Gifts for Her

Make a Romantic Video as a Valentine's Day Gift Using Filmora

Here're some video gift ideas for Valentine's Day. The key to a touching video gift is a true heart and an edgy tool.


Express your heart with a carefully edited video presentation


Tell your love story with a slideshow bearing memories


Prove your love with a romantic video montage made by daily vlogs

The Best Video Editor
to Make a Personalized Valentine's Day Video

Try Instant Mode to Make Your Valentine's Day Video With Ease

Filmora is integrated with Instant Mode, which allows you to choose a template and get the video with just the materials you provide. All the templates are finely designed to ensure all effects, transitions, and even the BGM are in the same style.


Use AR Stickers to Add Dreamy Romanticism to Your Video

Filmora provides plenty of stickers for all kinds of needs, and you can use those stickers to make your video fresh and amusing. The best thing about stickers is that you can download various sets and edit them in any way you like.


Record a High-Quality, Heartfelt Voice to Express Your Love

Filmora is the perfect editor for audio editing, Audio Ducking, and Auto Synchronization to adjust audio and video tracks effortlessly. Also, choose the music that best suits your mood or add an Audio Visualizer that dances as you speak.


Show Your Love Letter With the Most Trending Text Effects

Filmora provides numerous lower thirds, callouts, and subtitles for your Valentine's Day creation. If you need more than that, you can also choose between the 40+ 3D text effects to express love in your way.


So, How to Make a Video As A Gift?
Come and See How Filmora Nails It in 3 Steps

Start a Video Project
Edit Chiristmas Tree Video
Review & Export

Start a Video Project

Click "Create New Project" from the main interface. Then, import the original video file from the "File" option or drag it directly into Filmora.


Edit Valentine's Video

Add your media resources to the timeline. Then, use all kinds of stickers, effects, and titles to dress up your clips. Tips: you can search for Valentine to locate relevant effects.


Export & Share

After finishing your masterpiece, you can set up the export parameters and share the video with him/her or on social media.

Carefully Chosen Effect Packs for Your Valentine’s Day Video

Get Inspired by the Best Valentine’s Day Videos Made by Filmora!


Frequently Asked Questions

There are loads of romantic songs out there, so it can be hard to say which is the best BGM of love. So we pick 5 Romantic songs, and we hope those will be helpful.
1. Skin to Bone--by The Jungle Giants
As soon as you hear this song, you'll be bouncing around with uncontrollable joy. let's fall in love
2. Last Nignt On Earth--by GreenDay
Who doesn't love such a gentle song? Listen to this song like floating in space and waltzing among the stars.
3. In My Love--by John Lennon
Such a classic song is suitable for expressing your emotions to your lover, which will make love stronger
4. Evidence--by Marilyn Manson&SKOLD
How to express crazy love? This song by Marilyn Manson&SKOLD can perfectly interpret it. So let's make your honey wilder with this song.
5. Ten Storey Love Song--by The Stone Rose
Is your love full of memories? Have past experiences made your love stronger? Try using this song to reminisce about your past.
Every word is essential when writing a Valentine’s Day card. Sometimes, the wording could mean the difference between you being your Valentine’s V day sweetheart or spending it alone.
What you say depends on the stage of the relationship.
If this is a newer relationship and things are just beginning, stick with something light and sweet. Avoid any mention of sexual innuendoes or being overly sappy. Try something like:
“You’re sweeter than this candy heart, Valentine!”
For a more steady relationship, but not quite spouse level, keep it emotional without overdoing it, like:“Romance is thinking about your significant other when you are supposed to be thinking about something else. -Nicholas Sparks”
When it’s your spouse, however, be as sappy and silly as you’d like. You don’t have to worry about overdoing it now. Instead, you can write: “I love you to the moon and back. From when I saw you to when we said ‘I do.’ Nothing can ever come between us. Happy Valentine’s Day, my love.”
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Creating a short Valentine's Day video should be easy, especially if you have a great story. There are steps to make a valentine's day video:
1. Prepare footage with the exact idea
Once you know what you want to do or express from your video, you can start shooting or collecting the footage you will include in your Valentine’s Day video.
2. Import footage to Filmora
Launch filmora, create a new project, and import all footage you need by dragging and dropping the files to the editor’s Media tab
3. Edit the video
You can add a title, filter, effect, or music to create a perfect romance. However, you want to make a video quickly. In that case, you can also use the Filmora template or instant mode, which will help you quickly create a valentine's day video.
4. Preview and Export
Once you finish the editing, play the video and preview it. Then go to "Export" and save the video to your computer or share it on other social platforms.
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If you are looking for a feature-rich and easy-to-use Valentine's Day video maker, Filmora Video Editor is the right choice. With a user-friendly interface and a comprehensive set of editing tools, Filmora can help you unleash your creativity and create The most visually appealing Valentine's Day video.
With Filmora, you can add attractive text, effects, and backgrounds to your videos. Filmora Video Editor also features the Filmstock effects store, which offers several Valentine effects packs and assets for adding transitions and titles to videos. In addition, this video editor supports multiple output formats, which is more helpful for making videos.
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Create a romantic video in real earnest
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