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Create and Manage Projects

Learn about creating and managing video editing projects with the software above program.

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Note: This video tutorial is compatible with Filmora V11, V12 and V13 versions.

Creating a Project

Step 1: Launch the Program

Visit the official site of Wondershare to download the Filmora software program on your PC and launch the same to reach the apps welcome interface.

Step 2: Aspect Ratio Selection

Choose a suitable aspect ratio according to your project-specific needs in the software's main interface. You can select from 16:9, 9:16, 1:1, 21:9, and 4:3. When you choose, click on New Project to begin the editing process.

Aspect Ratio Selection Aspect Ratio Selection
Step 3: Project Creation

Start with creating a simple project by choosing a sample color template and an audio file and adding them to the project timeline. You can, however, also choose to import media files saved in your system.

Project Creation Project Creation

Managing Your Project

1. Local Save

Navigate to the File tab in the top toolbar and select Save As from the following dropdown. In the File Save interface, assign a name to your project and select a location in your system to save your creation. For example, your saved project will appear under the Local Project tab in the Filmoras Recent Projects workspace.

2. Cloud Save

To upload your creation to the Wondershare drive, open the Recent Projects workspace and click on the Cloud icon on the right side of your locally saved project. You can now see the uploaded project appear under the Cloud Projects tab.

Cloud Save Cloud Save

If you want to share your creation, click on the Share icon on the right side of your just uploaded project. A sharing will appear, asking you to add vital information, like, the access code, password, and validity period, and click on the Create Link button at the bottom right corner to generate a sharing URL for your edited video.

Cloud Save Share Videos
Cloud Save Share Edited Videos
3. Archive Save

Start with changing the location of the added media files within your created project, then navigate to your default save location, the Local Projects tab in the Recent Projects workspace. As you click on your creation, a Locate Missing Files interface pops up, displaying the added media files of your creation.

Click on the Locate button at the bottom of the interface to load the files back into the editor timeline. Next, please navigate to the File tab, click on the Archive Project option in the dropdown menu, and select a local destination to save the project while giving it a proper name.

Archive Save1 Archive Save1

To share your creation with friends, open it from the Local Projects tab and share the same link with your recipients.

Archive Save2 Archive Save2

Wondershare Drive Management

Steps to Access

Access drive through a paid subscription of the Filmora video editor program to increase your systems file storage capacity.

The creations you have shared with your friends will be visible under the Shared tab in the left panel.

When saving important projects, prefer to add them in the Starred tab by opening the Cloud Drive and selecting the required folder or file.

Wondershare Drive Wondershare Drive

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