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Create with Preset Templates in Filmora

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Note: This video tutorial is compatible with Filmora V11 version. For V12 and V13 versions, please see the below tutorial.

Preset Template

A lot of the time we face problems with managing our project multimedia files. Sometimes, we lost the files or misplaced them, or confuse them with other projects files. But you don’t have to worry about it anymore since the Wondershare drive is cloud storage from Wondershare to manage and store your files. So let's move in towards the knowledge and how of this drive.

1. Find Templates

To go to templates on Filmora, you will have to go to “Templates”, where you will see a list of options. Click “Templates” option on the left. You will end up with further options for different templates. So click on “Templates” to see the existing Filmora templates as can be seen in the photo below.

select a template Select A Template
2. Edit in Timeline

You can choose any of the templates from all templates. Let us choose one randomly. To make it work, you just need to click and drag it onto the timeline. Once it's pasted on the timeline, you will see it contains three audio tracks, a video, and the title. You can play it to check what's in there as shown below.

drag preset template Drag Template to TimeLine
3. Import Your Footage

Go to Media > Project Media and select the Import Media button to bring in your footage for replacing the stock video.

import your footage Import Your Footage
4. Replace the Template Footage

Choose the stock clip on the timeline, and then drag your video to the desired location to replace it.

drag video to timeline Drag Video to the Timeline

Crop any additional part of the video, and bingo you will have your video on the template.

crop additional part Crop Additional Part
5. Edit the Template Footage

You can also edit the text on the template. For that, you have to select the title track. After that hover over the title text on the video and double click on it to edit it. Upon doing that a new window of the text editor will open up on the left side of the Filmora. Type in your text from the text field of the new window. You can even change the font, color, and size and apply effects on the text as shown.

add text to video Add Text

A Quick Template

Edit Quick Template

As you are familiar with how to add and edit the components of a template let's have another quick template. Suppose you are on a quick deadline and you can't create a template from scratch, so in that case just go to the templates. Choose one by dragging it and pasting it on the timeline as shown.

Double-tap the titles on the new template and start editing it for your project as shown. You can customize other titles like this too. So, using the templates on Filmora you can very quickly edit a template according to the needs of your project in just a few steps. Isn’t it great?

quick template Quick Template

You can also create your template from scratch all you need is to delete all the tracks from a current template. Then go and select a random video like we did. After that add a music track. Crop the additional music. Fade it out the audio like we learned how to.

You can further add some other components, such as choosing a good title and then a nice element by dragging it into the timeline as shown. Edit those titles and elements to your liking as we learned.

edit title in quick template Title in Quick Template

And once you are done click to play and you will end up on a cool video. You can save the template by going to the top menu "File > Save Project As Template". You can go to the custom templates and rename the new project. And voila it's done you can enjoy this template any time in the future.

create template from scratch Create Template from Scratch

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