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Exploring Filmora Interface

The following article shall focus on exploring the working interface of Filmora, the newest member in the franchise.

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Note: This video tutorial is compatible with Filmora V11, V12 and V13 versions.

Elements of Filmora Workspace

Launching the Filmora video editor program in your system takes you to the latter's working interface, which consists of 3 sections: the editor timeline, the preview window/box, and the elements panel.

1. Editor Timeline

The long, rectangular box on the lower side of the program workspace is the ‘Editor Timeline' that showcases the changes you include in your video, like cutting, trimming, adding effects, audio, video, etc.

Editor Timeline Editor Timeline
2. Preview Window/Box

The workspace lays the Preview Window/Box to the right side of the program, where you can see the applied changes to your original clips while playing the edited video. You can further pause, reverse, or forward the video for a closer examination of the edits and adjust the video resolution if your clip does not run smoothly.

Preview Window Preview Window
3. Elements Panel

The Elements Panel is present at the top of the program workspace and consists of the primary editing tools and effect directories. Your locally saved media systems are also imported to the editor timeline through this panel.

Elements Panel Elements Panel

Exploring the Elements Panel

1. My Media

This tab consists of the different media folders that house the various types of created and editable media you have worked with or are currently working on, like, the Project Media, Shared Media, Sample Colors, Sample Videos, Sample Green Screen, and Photos Library.

My Media My Media
2. Stock Media

This tab comprises the inbuilt graphic editing media you can use to amplify your video edits. Like the My Media tab, this one is also categorized into folders containing specific and customizable effects, videos, and image files, such as Favorites, Downloads, Giphy, Pixabay, and Unsplash.

Stock Media Stock Media
3. Audio

The next in the line is the Audio tab, consisting of various categories of background music and soundtracks that you can add to your edited video clip. Feel free to choose from a storehouse of beat music, travel, vlog, electronic, young and bright, and many more audio categories. If you like some tracks an extra bit, consider including them in your Favorites folder.

Audio Audio
4. Titles

This tab contains customizable titles, headers, subtitles, lower thirds, end credits, etc. First, you need to select a title to add, and the Title Box appears in the Preview Window. Next, choose a text format from the available options on the left and click within the Title Box to start typing.

Titles Titles
5. Transitions

Proceeding further, you have the Transition tab that contains clip connecting elements. You can use the variety of animation effects in this tab to ensure a smooth movement between two successive clips.

Transitions Transitions
6. Effects

This panel lets you choose stunning effects to complement your edits. You can experiment with adding overlays, fade marks, AI stickers and portraits, flicker, scar lines, and a plethora of visual effects from this panel to your video clip.

Effects Effects
7. Elements

It is in this tab that you can select from a diversity of objects to add in your edited video. These can be simple and animated, allowing you to adjust their properties with a double click on te added element.

Elements Elements
8. Split Screen

You can use the contents of this tab to play multiple videos in the same time frame. Once added, you can proceed to separately customize each of the videos with specific effects, animations, and video zoom characteristics.

Split Screen Split Screen

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