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Create New Project

Learn about project files, and how to create and manage projects in Filmora.

The project (. wfp format) you create in Filmora contains the settings you select for each sequence in the timeline, as well as editing decisions, effects, and music used in the project.

Filmora project files don't store the source videos, audio, or images. They only save a reference to these types of media files based on the file names and locations. If you move, rename, or delete a source file, Filmora won't be able to find it automatically the next time you open a project that uses that piece of media.

For your convenience, Filmora offers you the option of archiving your source files all together with the project.

Create A New Project

There are two ways to create a new project.

  • Method 1: Create New Project from Startup Window

Select the corresponding Aspect ratio at the top of the Startup Window according to the video scene requirements

Create New Project from Startup Window
Create New Project from Startup Window

  • Method 2: Create New Project from Menu Bar

Launch Filmora and choose New Project to enter the editing interface. You can re-create a new project under File > Project Settings.

You can also set the resolution, aspect ratio, and frame rate for the project as you like under File > Project Settings.

The default aspect ratio is 16:9, but you can change it to 1:1 or 9:16 if you want to make videos for Instagram or other social media, or you can select Custom to customize your aspect ratio.
Create New Project from Menu Bar
Create New Project from Menu Bar

Save A Project

After you finish your editing in the timeline, you can click File > Save Project or Save Project As, or use the hotkey Ctrl+S to save the edited project to your computer, in case you need to modify it in the future.

Save Project
Save Project
The project will be saved as a file with the extension. wfp. And it can only be recognized and opened by Filmora.