Create a Project

For every project you create, Filmora creates a project file. This file contains the settings you select for each sequence in the project, as well as edit decisions, effects, and music used in the project.

Filmora project doesn't store video, audio, or image files in the project file—it stores only a reference to each of these files based on the filename and location of the file at the time you imported it. If you move, rename, or delete a source file later, Filmora can't find it automatically the next time you open the project. In this case, Filmora offers you an option to archive your source files all together with the project.

Follow the tutorial below to learn how to:

1. Create a new project

Launch Filmora and choose an aspect ratio for your video. Your options are: 16:9 (widescreen), 4:3 (standard), 1:1 (square), and 9:16 (portrait). If you are using Filmora in Full Feature Mode you can open a new project (FILE > New Project) and then select an aspect ratio for your new project.

2. Save a project

Click FILE>Save project or Save project as or use hotkeys of Ctrl+S , it will be saved at .wve extension. It can be recognized by Filmora only.

3. Open a project

a. Open a recent project

Re-launch Filmora, choose Open recent at the top right corner. Or select Open recent under FILE.

b. Open an existing project

Launch Filmora, select Open recent at the top right corner to reload the .wve project file directly. If you are in Filmora, please choose Open Project (Ctrl+O) to reload .wve file.

4. Move project to another computer(archive project file)

Click FILE>Archive Project or use hotkeys of Shift+Ctrl+A. It will archive the project file together with the source files in *.zip format for easy moving to another computer. After you archive the project file, it will be saved as a zip file, which including the Media folder of the source files and the project file in .wve. To open it, you just need to unzip the file first, and double click the .wve.


5. Relocate missing media files

Once you change the location of the source files or rename, delete them, or you disconnect the external drive where you saved the source files of the project originally with the computer, the project cannot find them any more through the saved path. It will show you the windows with the path of the missing files. You have to click the magnifying glass icon to relocate the missing files through the Original Path and then press OK to reopen the original project. If the files have been deleted permanently, you can also find other media files as replacement.