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AI Smart Cutout

This guide helps you remove the background of an image or a video. The AI Smart Cutout is good at cutting an image out and performs well in identifying needed sections in a continuous clip.

Apply AI Smart Cutout to Images on Windows

Here are the steps for processing images with smart cutout on Windows.

Step 1: Add the image to the processing interface

Launch Filmora on your computer. Then, drag your required image to the bottom of the interface or select it from the files.

Step 2: Launch the Smart Cutout event

1Click the image on the timeline to launch the settings window.

2Click Image>AI Tools to start a new task.

3Then, click the button beside Smart Cutout to start the function.

4After it, you need to click the Click to start to analyze to process cutout.

filmora windows images ai smart cutout
Step 3: Draw the section you need
  • Use the Brush to draw the area to cut out. A simple line around the edge of the subject is enough for the tool to recognize where you need it.
  • If some unwanted areas are selected, you can click the icon, which is an Eraser with a minus to erase them.
  • If you have amplified the image and want to move the image for more detailed adjustments, use the Palm.
ai smart cutout tools
Step 4: Change the settings
  • Simple Mode Setting

On the right side of the interface, there are settings of Brush Size, Edge Thickness, and Edge Feather.

The Brush Size is used to draw more precisely, with the size ranging from 1 to 300; Edge Thickness is to modify the margin encircling the subject, ranging from -100 to 100; If you want to adjust harsh edges to blend images, you can change the figure of Edge Feather.

ai smart cutout right side interface
  • Invert Mask

If you want to retain the background not chosen, you can click the Invert Foreground/Backg icon, as marked in the image below.

ai smart cutout invert tab
  • Preview Mode - Background

After confirming the selected area, you can set the background of the image. Click the bust icon in the upper right corner of the window and choose from Toggle Alpha Overby, Toggle Transparency Grid, Toggle Transparency Black, or Toggle Alpha. Then, change the edge thickness or the edge feather on the left side of the window if you need.

filmora windows images change settings interface
Step 5: Save the changes

When you are done with the settings, click Save. Then, the effect will be applied to your image automatically.

Apply AI Smart Cutout to Videos on Windows

You can follow the procedures below to remove the background in a video on Windows.

Step 1: Launch the application and add a video to the prompted interface.

Step 2: Click the video in the processing section, and the video settings window will appear. You can click AI Tools in the Video tab, and after clicking the button to launch Smart Cutout, click the bust icon.

Step 3: Use the brush icons to select your demanded area in the video. The brush with a plus is used to draw where to cut out, and the eraser with a minus is used to erase. Flexibly apply features such as Edge Thickness and Edge Feather to increase the quality.

Step 4: Find Click to start the Smart Cutout icon in the Simple Mode section and click it. Then, Filmora will extract the selected subject from the whole video and export the output in a short while.

filmora windows videos process cutout interface

Step 5: Change the background of the video by clicking the bust icon in the upper right corner. Also, you can change more advanced settings in the Advanced Mode tab to decide which part of the video to process. You can set the mode from Track One Section Reverse, Track Reverse, Track Forward and Reverse, Track Forward, and Track One Section Forward.

advanced mode ai smart cutout

Step 6: Click Save when you finish editing. The interface will go back to the home editing page and apply your adjustment.