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AI Text-Based Editing for Windows

Filmora now offers dedicated AI Text-Based Editing to make video editing easier. It is a progressive step in video editing because users can auto-remove the silent clips from a video and trim or cut a video through text. To explore more about this function and its utility, check the detailed guide for it:

How to Enable Text-Based Editing for Windows

There are several alternative approaches to enable text-based editing on Windows, and this guide is going to reveal all of them for you below:

Method 1: Using the AI Text Clipper from the Main Menu

Step 1: Launch Filmora and Select AI Text Clipper

Before using this feature, download and install the Filmora V13 software on your PC. Once it is successfully downloaded, launch it and login or sign up accordingly. Hover the mouse towards the settings panel and select "Create Project". Then, from the options appearing on the main screen, select "AI Text Clipper".

click the ai text clipper tab
Click the ai text clipper tab
Step 2: Import Files and Enable Text-Based Editing

After selecting the AI Text Clipper, your device's "File Explorer" will appear. Double-click on the clip you want to edit, leading to a mini-window. Select "Text-based editing" from the available options and choose your preferred language. By clicking on the "OK" button, the video will start transcribing for editing through texts, and you'll be able to see the conversion progress.

choose text based editing option
Choose text based editing option
Step 3: Start Text-Based Editing

Once the conversion is complete, the editing window will appear. Users can eliminate a portion of the video by removing a text by utilizing the text box on the right side. In addition, they can search for a particular word or phrase or apply the "Delete all silent clips" option for further optimization. Upon making the desired edits, click the "Export to Timeline" button at the bottom right corner.

edit your clip accordingly in textbox
Edit your clip accordingly in textbox
Step 4: Additional Adjustments and Export

Now that your video is in the timeline panel, you can experiment with the visual and audio elements of the clip. Users can enhance audio quality, adjust color, and add multiple effects or transitions. Once the desired settings are made, navigate towards the top right corner and tap on the "Export" button. From the export window, adjust settings and click "Export" again to finalize.

make adjustments in timeline and export
Make adjustments in timeline and export

We will be looking into some techniques that can be used to access the similar AI text-based feature in Filmora:

Method 2: Using the Timeline Dropdown Menu

Another way of accessing this feature is from the timeline toolbar. After importing media into the timeline panel, select and right-click on it. A dropdown menu will appear; scroll down and choose the "Smart Edit Tool" option from the available ones. Furthermore, select the "AI Text Clipper" option. Furthermore, follow the same process of editing and importing the video.

right click on timeline clip
Right click on timeline clip

Method 3: Using the Timeline Toolbar

Select the clip in the timeline, and navigate towards the timeline toolbar to select the "More" icon. Select the "AI Text Clipper" option across the dropdown menu. Continue to select "Text-based Editing", after selecting a language, click "OK". Afterward, the process of editing and importing this edited clip is the same as before.

tap more from timeline tool panel
Tap more from timeline tool panel

Method 4: Using the Top Toolbar Option

Navigate towards the clip in the timeline, select it, hover the mouse towards the top toolbar, and select the "Tools" option. From the dropdown menu, select "Audio", and from the further options, select "AI Text Clipper".

choose file tab in top toolbar
Choose file tab in top toolbar