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Silence Detection

Silence Detection

Silence Detection can scan and remove silent pauses from your videos automatically, saving you editing time and keeping your viewers engaged.

Apply Silence Detection in Filmora

Silence Detection only works with clips that have audio. To automatically detect and delete silent pauses in a clip you need to:

1. Find the Silence Detection Feature

1 Tap on the Silence Detection button on the toolbar.

2 Right-click on the video in the Media and select Silence Detection.

3 Select the video clip or audio clip and choose Tools>Audio> Silence Detection in the top navigation bar.

After tapping the Silence Detection option, the window of Silence Detection will pop up.

find the silence detection tab
Silence Detection Button

2. Adjust the Parameters of the Silence Detection

In the Silence Detection window, you can adjust three parameters for Silence Detection.

start the silence detection process
Silence Detection Settings

1 Volume Threshold: The Volume Threshold setting helps the algorithm to know your silence threshold value. The default volume threshold is 25%. It means if the volume threshold value of segments is under 25%, the segments will automatically be considered silent.

2 Minimum Duration: The Minimum Duration setting helps Filmora to know the silence duration and low-sounding parts. The default minimum duration is 0.5s. It means the silence should last over 0.5 seconds to be defined as silence.

3 Softening Buffer: The Softening Buffer option provides buffering time for the start and end of audible segments. The default softening buffer is 0.1s. It means that the audible segments can get 0.1 second buffering time at the start and end separately.

3. Start the Automatic Silence Detection Process

After setting the detection parameters, click Start to initiate the automatic silence detection sequence. You will see two different things in the timeline:

1 The black parts show the silent segments.

2 The highlight parts show the audible segments.

silent and audible segments
Silent and Audible Segments

4. Preview the Video

You can play the video to check whether all silent parts are removed perfectly or not. If you are not satisfied with the result, you can adjust the three audio parameters above. Then click Restart to delete the silent parts.

preview the video
Preview the Video

5. Export to Timeline

Once your clip is ready, you can export it to Filmora Timeline to continue editing.

export to the timeline
Export to Timeline

Turn off Silence Detection Function

You can also abandon the Silence Detection process by closing the window.

Once you exit the Silence Detection window, the changes cannot be saved.