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Adjustment Layer for Windows

This guide shows how to create adjustment layers and use them to apply the same effect to multiple clips on the timeline.

Adjustment layers apply color, animation, and effects to the video without complicated changes or settings.

Usage Scenarios

When you wish to edit a video but not directly destruct the original one, Adjustment Layer is the best solution for you. It allows you to make different settings and re-edit at any time without tampering with the original clips. Besides, the layer can be saved as a preset template and used directly several times for variable objects.

Apply Adjustment Layer to Videos on Windows

Here is how to apply the layer to the video on Windows:

Step 1: Add video to the processing interface

Launch the Filmora application. Then, drag your needed media to the timeline at the bottom of the page.

Step 2: Activate Adjustment Layer

Select Media>Adjustment Layer, then click Preset to create a new adjustment layer. Alternatively, you can click Custom if you want to find a saved adjustment layer as the preset. Drag the Adjustment Layer to the timeline above the video clip.

activate adjustment layer on windows interface
Step 3: Change the settings

Drag the Adjustment Layer in the timeline back and forth to cover some or all parts of the video clip. Then, click the Adjustment Layer to launch the settings. The settings window will appear on the right side of the page.

drag the layer back or forth

You can adjust the layer from two aspects, Layer and Color. The Layer section contains Animation and Basic settings, such as Transform — Scale, Position, Flip & Rotate, Rotate, Compositing — Blend Mode, Opacity, and Auto Enhance. Plus, you can modify the color from aspects of Basic, HSL, or Curves.

When you are done, click Save as Custom.

adjustment layer basic settings interface

Tip: In the Color>Basic tab, a variety of presets are built into the system, offering you multiple convenient choices.

Step 4: Add more effects

Click Effects in the upper left toolbar. Discover what you like from various options in Filmora. You can select the one from Mine>Download or find an ideal one from the online stock. Then, drag the effect to the Adjustment Layer in the timeline.

adjustment layer video effect

If you want to adjust the effect, go back to the Adjustment Layer on the right side of the screen. The Effects column is automatically shown on the interface.

Remove Adjustment Layer

If you want to remove the Adjustment Layer, right-click the mouse on the Adjustment Layer in the timeline and select Delete. Alternatively, you can click Reset in the settings window to delete the specific modifications.

delete adjustment layer