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Stabilization for Windows

This guide will introduce how to use stabilization to smooth out shaky footage.

A Detailed Step Guide

Follow the procedure below to apply stabilization to your videos.

Step 1: Add your videos

After launching the application, drag or drop your clip into the stock. Alternatively, you can directly drag it to the timeline.

Step 2: Activate the stabilization feature

Click the video in the timeline and find Video>AI Tools>Stabilization in the property panel on the right side of the interface. Click the button beside Stabilization to activate it. Then, Filmora will analyze the video automatically.

windows activate the stabilization feature interface
Step 3: Adjust the settings

When the analysis finishes, you can change the smooth level by dragging the slider for Smooth Level. In Edge Processing, you can also change the edges of the stabilized video by selecting Extend, Reflect, None or Tile.

windows the stabilization feature settings

You can preview the result in the Player until satisfying. When you are not satisfied with the changes, click the revert icon and then all the values will revert to the default.

windows revert the stabilization feature settings