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Lens Correction

When you use the wide-angle lenses in the action camera to capture wide scenes, you may find the video clip is distorted. The Lens Correction has some presets for action cameras such as GoPro models and Sonny that allow you to reduce distortion.

Apply Lens Correction to Remove Fisheye

Enable Fisheye Lens Correction

Click on the video in the timeline to open the editing panel and then go to Lens Correction in the Video>AI Tools Tab. Click the tab to activate the fisheye correction feature.

find lens correction feature on property panel

Select Model

From the Select Profile drop-down list, select your camera model. Then, in the drop-down menu below, select the capture mode resolution your video was shot with.

choose device models
Select Camera Model in Filmora Lens Correction
This menu will be empty until you choose the camera model.

Adjust Lens Correction Settings

Adjust the correction level by dragging the Adjust Level slide bar. Increasing the level will zoom out the video more. Check the results in the Preview window.

adjust the level remove slider

Remove Lens Correction Settings

To remove the set feature, you can click the reset icon on the right side of the Lens Correction section title or its parameters. Then, the values will revert to the default. Or click Reset at the bottom to remove all the settings you’ve made here.

adjust the level remove slider