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Audio Mixer

An audio mixer can also be known as a mixing console. This is a tool in Filmora used for mixing, balancing and combining different sounds, and audio signals, sources like microphones, instruments, and synthesizers or previously recorded audio.

You can use the Audio Mixer to fine-tune the audio of your projects. To use the Audio Mixer, please follow these instructions:

Open the Audio Mixer Panel

Select the Audio Mixer icon in the toolbar to open the Audio Mixer panel.

find the mixer tab
Audio Mixer icon

Adjust the Audio

You can switch the sound between left and right by dragging the knob in the Pan/Balance Control. You can see your changes clearly in the channel control panel to the right.

There are two modes: Stereo and Surround. In Surround mode, you can pan from left to right as well as front to back, which gives you full control of the audio position all-around. While in Stereo mode, you can only pan left or right.

You can also go to the master section and drag the Master volume slider upward or downward to adjust the Master volume higher or lower.

open the mixer control panel
Audio Mixer

After your adjustments, click the Play button to hear the results. Select Apply to save the settings.