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Think Bigger From Filmora User Guide

Edit with Preset Templates

Preset Templates in Filmora 11 populate the timeline with some introductory clips, audio tracks, elements, stickers, and a stock video that you can replace with your footage to personalize the output. Furthermore, you can also customize any or all the other decorative objects to get the engaging movie that you want.

These preset templates not only make your post-production task quick and easy but also help you avoid the tedious process of fine-editing that you have to go through otherwise.

Use a Preset Template

1Add a Template to Timeline

Go to the Media tab at the top and click the All Templates menu under the Preset Templates category on the left side. You can see there are dozens of templates, click one to preview it, and then drag the template to the timeline.

drag templates to timeline
Drag Preset Template to Timeline

2Import Your Footage

Go to Project Media and click the Import Media button to import your footage for replacing the stock video.

import media in Presets Template
Import Media in Preset Templates

3Replace the Template Footage

Select the stock clip in the timeline, and then drag your video to the position to replace it.

replace media in template mode timeline
Replace Media in Template Timeline

4Adjust Video in Slide Edit

Click the Slide Edit icon in the toolbar, and then play the video and drag the box to select the section to replace the stock clip in the Slide Edit window.

select video clip in slide edit window
Slide Edit Window

5Preview and Export the Video

Press the Spacebar or click the Play button that is present below the Preview window to preview the expected output. Click Export from the top-center and use your preferred option to export the final video.