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AI Skin Tone Protection for Windows

Flawless skin has become the ultimate symbol of perfection, and hence, keeping that in mind, Wondershare Filmora has come up with the perfect feature. The recently launched version has a Skin Tone Protection feature that uses AI to analyze imperfections and make them right. While the feature is perfect, it doesn't exist separately, so we've got the whole procedure written for you here:

How to Enhance Skin Tone Using Filmora’s New AI Feature

With Filmora's state-of-the-art technology, achieving beauty is a simple process, and we've discussed the step-by-step process of achieving it here:

Step 1: Launch Filmora on your Desktop and Start a Project

If you have not downloaded Wondershare Filmora on your desktop, download it. Once you have it opened, log in or sign up and head towards the left side panel to select "Create Project". Multiple tabs will display on the main screen, out of which you must select the "New Project" option.

click the new project button
Click the new project button
Step 2: Import Media and Drag it to the Timeline

After creating the new project successfully, you will be led to the main interface of Filmora. From the custom toolbar, select the "Media" tab and further select "Project Media" from the categories available at the left panel. Select "Import" to upload your media files and bring these files to the timeline by drag and drop.

import video clip into the timeline
Import video clip into the timeline
Step 3: Access the AI Skin Tone Option

For the final step of getting the perfect skin tone, select the clip in the timeline, hover the mouse towards the right-side panel, and click the "Color" tab. Furthermore, select the "Basic" option, and under the "LUT" section, you'll find the "Protect Skin Tones" slider. You can increase or decrease the level of skin tone perfection by moving the slider or writing a value in the box.

enable protect skin tone functionality
Enable protect skin tone functionality
Step 4: Export the Edited Video

Once you’ve edited your video and applied all the effects and filters, it is time for finalization. Click the "Play" button in the preview screen to see the final results, and if you are satisfied, navigate towards the top right corner and click "Export". From the export window, name your video, make other adjustments, and tap on the "Export" button to download it on your device.

click the export button
Click the export button