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Audio Visualizer

The function of the Audio Visualizer solves the problem that single audio cannot be distributed as a video on the video platform and can improve the video quality at the same time.

In short, it brings your music to life on a PC.

Function Users

For Podcast Users
  • You can use this function to play your insights and stories. In addition, you can add pictures, text, and vibration waveforms to the speech.
For Music video lovers
  • Make one or more songs into a video and post it on YouTube, FB, Ins, Twitter, and other platforms to get attention and share your mood.

How to Use

❶ Import audio assets and enter the timeline.

❷ Find the Audio Visualizer directory from the menu bar Effect.

Audio Visualizer Effect
Audio Visualizer Effect

❸ Select the audio visualizer particle you like, drag it to the timeline, and place it on the track above audio.

You can also select the particle, right-click and select Apply, and then place it on the track above audio.

❹ Click Play from the Preview Window in the upper right corner to view the effect.

Drag Audio Visualizer Particle
Drag Audio Visualizer Particle

Edit Properties

❶ Click on the audio visualizer particle on the timeline, right-click and select Edit Properties.

Edit Properties
Edit Properties

❷ Checking Bass Drops 1 directly will automatically activate all attribute options.

❸ Click RESET in the lower-left corner to restore the default settings.

Edit Audio Visualizer Properties
Edit Audio Visualizer Properties

❹ Pull the left and right scroll bars of Intensity, Opacity, Radius, Position X and Position Y to adjust the corresponding values.

Tips to Use More Efficiently

  • Audio visualization particles only support dragging to the track and temporarily do not support dragging and dropping to other clips to become their Effect properties.
  • Audio visualization particles temporarily do not support player visualization editing.
  • The 5 audio visualization particles combined with keying may have the same problems as the AI Portrait function: The display effect of the screen without characters is not perfect enough.
  • Audio visualization particles may freeze without pre-rendering, but it does not affect the presentation effect.