Export and Share

Once you've done with all the editing works, next step would be saving and exporting your work. Filmora provides you with multiple ways to save your project files:

Check out the video tutorial below to get an instant view of how to export your video:

1. Export your video by formats

Filmora supports all kinds of common output formats. If you want to save the project on your computer with a specific video format,after you click the export button, please choose Format tab and select the format required. Currently, Filmora supports to export in WMV, MP4, AVI,MOV,FLV,MKV,TS, 3GP,MPEG-2,WEBM, GIF and MP3 formats.

After selecting the output format, you can rename the video, change the location where you save it. Also you can check the output size before conversion. Furthermore, you are eligible to adjust output quality by pressing SETTINGS tab.

In the settings window, there are three kinds of quality levels, Best, Better and Good. The only difference among them is the Bit Rate. You are able to adjust it or other parameters, such as Resolution, Frame Rate…etc.

In default, the exported video is in Better level. In order to get the best quality, it is suggested to adjust the output settings as the same or similar as the original video. If you are not able to find the specific parameters in the dropdown list, please try to input the value manually.

When you finish the adjustment, please press OK to save all the setting. Lastly press Export button to start the conversion.

Tips: The size of the video depends on the length of the project and the bit rate. If you found the size is incredibly huge after conversion, please go back to the settings window to adjust above two factors.

2. Export by devices you want to play on

In the device tab under Format, you can choose to output your video according to different types of mobile devices you'd want to play on, available device options are like: iPhone, iPad, apple TV, Samsung etc. You can further edit other setting on the right as well. Click export after you finish all the settings.

Please note: export by devices won't transfer the videos to your devices directly, the video will still be stored on the local hard drive by the default path you've set.

3. Directly upload your videos to video sharing sites

Filmora gives you convenience by directly uploading your 4k videos to those popular video sharing sites. By choosing this option, you will see a pop up window asking YouTube and Vimeo account authorization. You can either enter an existing account to finish the uploading or create a new account if you don't have one.

4. Burn a DVD

Apart from all the above mentioned ways to save your project, Filmora also allows you to burn the video to DVD if you like. Just choose the DVD tab, and enter other settings on the panel. When done, click Export.

Download this software to get started:

Download Win Version

Need a Mac version? Try Wondershare Filmora for Mac(Originally Wondershare Video Editor for Mac) by visiting filmora.wondershare.com/video-editor/ for more information or directly download Wondershare Filmora for Mac free trial version here.

Need help? You might find the answer to your question in the FAQ or additional information below.