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Think Bigger From Filmora User Guide

Auto Normalization

The new Auto Normalization feature analyzes the volume of all selected clips and adjusts the volume to the standard loudness level of European audio programs at 23.0LUFS (deviation range: ±1LU) automatically.

Goto Auto Normalization Option

1 Double click on the video or audio clips you want to normalize in the timeline. In the Audio editing panel, you will see the Auto Normalization option.

2 Right-click on the video or audio clip, choose Audio>Adjust Audio to open the Audio editing panel.

3 Select the video or audio clip, tab on Tools>Audio>Adjust Audio to access the Audio editing panel.

Auto Normalization Option

After finding the Auto Normalization option, you can tick the checkbox to enable it. Filmora will analyze and normalize the volume of the clip(s) automatically.

Normalizing Audio

Reset Auto Normalization

If you are not satisfied with the normalized volume, you can check the Auto Normalization again to reset. Or you can click on the recheck icon.

Reset Auto Normalization
Clicking the RESET button in the Audio editing panel will reset all audio editing settings.