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Mute the Whole Audio

To mute the entire audio, you have three ways:

1 Hotkey: Ctrl+Shift+M

2 Right-click on the video clip, then choose Audio>Mute.

3 In the top navigation bar, select Tools> Audio> Mute.

After the audio gets muted, you will see a volume bar with lower brightness.

Mute the Whole Audio

Mute a Small Piece of Audio

1 Split the audio by tapping the scissors icon on the toolbar.

2 Select the audio clip that you want to mute and press Ctrl+Shift+M

Once you mute the little clip, you can find its volume bar looks less bright than the rest. This muted word feature is often used when you want to remove sections with bad words in a video. Then it’s time to apply the Mute feature.

Mute a Small Piece of Audio

Once you finish the process, you can see a small piece of the audio become gray. The function is usually used when bad words are found in a small segment. Then you can apply the Mute feature.

Turn off Mute Feature

If you want to cancel the Mute option, kindly select the muted parts. Then right-click to select the Mute tab again. The check mark will be removed, that means you have turned it off.