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Auto Beat Sync

Auto Beat Sync will take small parts from the same video or different videos, and then combine them into one personalized and stylized video.

Open Auto Beat Sync

To open Auto Beat Sync panel, you have the following three ways:

1 OpenFilmora video editing software, you can easily see Auto Beat Sync option in the startup window.

Auto Beat Sync Option

2 If you have already been in the editing interface, you can also access the function by right clicking the files imported in the Project Media, then selecting Auto Beat Sync.

Auto Beat Sync Option

3 After selecting the imported files in the Project Media, you can also find Auto Beat Sync by clicking Tools>Auto Beat Sync in the navigation bar.

Auto Beat Sync Option

Adjust the Settings

From the pop-up Auto Montage Panel, you can clearly see three main adjustable parameters: Auto Highlight, Auto Beat Sync, and Video Effect.

Auto Beat Sync

Auto Highlight

In the Auto Highlight segment, you can choose to add more video or audio clips. You can also adjust the order or delete the imported video or audio clips. At the same time, you can adjust the length of the generated video or audio clip.

The maximum duration of final video should be shorter than BGM and longer than 1/3 of total duration of all imported clips combined.
Auto Highlight

Auto Beat Sync

In the Auto Beat Sync interface, you can import background music, and set BGM start time. Surely, you can preview the background music to choose the start time. In addition, you can also choose the beat cut speed whether it is fast or slow.

Auto Beat Sync

Video Effect

In the Video Effect segment, you can set the appearing frequency of RGB, Glow, Video Wall, Blur video effects.

Video Effect


Once you finish all the settings, you can click on Analyze button to initiate the automatic analyzing process. Usually, it will take two steps to finish the analysis process. Please wait patiently.

Step 1. Analyze the beats and rhythm of the background music.

Step 1

Step 2. Automatically highlights and chooses the best moments from the footage and mix them according to the beats of the background music.

Step 2

Preview the Generated Video

You can preview the video by clicking on the Blank button. Or you can click on the Play icon. If you are satisfied with the result, you can Export to Timeline. Otherwise, you can adjust the settings again and Re-analyze.

Export to Timeline