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Modify Transitions

Learn how to adjust, remove, and favorite Filmora Transitions.

Adjust Transitions

After dragging the transition to the timeline, you can double-click the transition to adjust the duration and the position.

Usually, the default duration is 2 seconds.

2 Ways to Adjust the duration of the transition

❶ Double click the transition in the timeline and then enter a new duration.

Adjust transition duration
Adjust transition duration

❷ You can also click and drag the starting or ending point of the transition forwards or backwards within the video clip or image.

Drag start or end point
Drag starting or ending point
Trimming frames will make the transition work by default when a media piece is not long enough to accommodate a transition. If you don’t want this to happen, double-click the transition in the timeline and un-tick the “Include Trimmed Frames” option.
choose to include trimmed frames
Choose to “Include Trimmed Frames”
To apply the same transition through your entire project:
Right-click on the transition you want to use and select “APPLY TO ALL”. But note that this transition can only be applied for the duration which is mentioned adjacent to it.

Remove Transitions

❶ Select the transition you want to remove from the timeline and hit the “DELETE” button on your keyboard.

❷ Or right-click on the transition in the timeline and select the “DELETE” option from the menu.

Favorite Transitions

Right-click on the transition in the Transitions menu and choose to Add to Favorites.

Add to favorites
Select “Add to favorites”

Or you can also choose the transition as your requirement. You will see a “heart” shape on the top right. Click the “heart” into the red.

Click into red heart
Click on the red heart

You can check your favorite transitions from the left drop-down list - Favorites.