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AI Smart Masking for Windows

Editing video elements independently is an important part of video creation, and Filmora's masking provides multiple options. However, with the V13 upgrade, users can activate the AI Mask, and it will automatically detect objects that can be masked. To save yourself time and effort and enjoy this option,

How to Enable AI Smart Masking

Modern video editing requires modern tools, and here is a step-by-step guide to using Filmora's AI Smart Masking option for an up-to-date editing experience:

Step 1: Install Filmora and Initiate a New Project

To start editing with Filmora, install and initiate the software on your desktop. Afterward, from the top of the main screen, log in to your account and navigate toward the left panel. Select the "Create Project" option and choose "New Project" from the displayed options.

click the new project option
Click the new project option
Step 2: Import Media and Place it on Timeline

Creating a new project will lead you to the main editing interface of Wondershare Filmora. From the top toolbar, select "File", expand the "Import Media" option from the dropdown menu, and choose a suitable method for import. After importing your media clip, pull this clip with the help of a mouse or trackpad and place it on the timeline track.

import media from files tab
Import media from files tab
Step 3: Activate AI Mask Option

To start masking, select your clip in the timeline and hover the mouse towards the settings panel. Under the "Video" tab, select the "Mask" option and choose the "AI Mask" icon.

enable ai mask option
Enable AI Mask option
Step 4: Choose the AI Mask Option

This expands the "AI Mask" section, where you have to select from the given options per your requirements. There are multiple options like the "Smart Brush", "Select Character" or "Select Subject" to choose from. Select further from the given options and continue to choose the "Add Mask" button for detecting an automatic mask on the video.

select the type of mask
Select the type of mask
Step 5: Adjust the Relative Settings and Export

If you specifically go with the "Select Subject" option and select any detected object through AI, you will get the opportunity to adjust other mask settings such as "Expand", "Blur Strength", and "Opacity". Furthermore, you can also enable motion tracking from the "Path" and "Invert Mask" options for your clip. Once finished, click the "Export" button at the top right corner and save your video on your device.

adjust other mask settings
Adjust other mask settings

How to Disable AI Smart Masking

Way 1: From the Reset Button

Once you've enabled the AI Smart Masking and want to reset or delete it, navigate towards the bottom of the settings panel and click the "Reset" button.

press reset button in settings panel
Press reset button in settings panel
Way 2: From the Trash Icon

In the second method, select the clip and navigate towards the right side panel. Choose the "Mask" option in the "Video" tab and go to the "AI Mask" section. Click on the "Bin" icon adjacent to it, and the mask will be deleted.

click bin icon to delete mask
Click bin icon to delete mask