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AI Audio Denoise for Windows

This guide shows how to denoise the audio without worrying about losing important sounds.

AI approach is trained by deep learning model with a great amount of data. It performs better in removing the noise, generating a new clear audio signal with distortion at the minimum.

Usage Scenarios

Audio Denoise is crucial in scenarios. A variety of jobs rely on this function to enhance the quality of each video and audio.

As for journalists, cleaning up the background noise in the audio recordings is very helpful. It allows you to clarify what interviewees say or listen clearly about a fast speech.

As for vloggers, reducing the background sound can let the audience hear your words even at a low and comfortable volume. It will result in more fans liking and following your account.

Apply AI Audio Denoise on Windows

Here is the guide on how to launch this tool on Windows.

Step 1: Select the audio you want to process

After launching the Filmora application and adding video or audio to the timeline, you need to click the clip you want to remove noises. Then, the audio settings window will appear on the right side of the interface.

denoise window in filmora
Step 2: Make detailed adjustments

Slide the window to the bottom and click the button beside Denoise first to activate the function. Then, click the button on the right side of each tool to open the function and make precise adjustments.

Adjust This Feature

There are 3 modes: Normal Denoise, Hum Removal, and Wind Removal.

1Normal Denoise

Normal noise is any usual noise that appears in the audio. There are three setting options, Low, Mid, and Strong. You need to decide to which extent you want to remove noise. Lower settings apply less processing, retaining more audio in the original input.

2Hum Removal

Hum noise refers to the hum or hiss sound. Hum Removal plays a significant role in removing narrow frequency bands as well as their harmonics. You can control the amount of noise you want to reduce, with the range from -60 to 0.

3Wind Removal

Wind Removal specializes in removing the noise of the wind. It estimates the reverberation profile and works out a way to change the amount of reverberation. You can choose whether to turn on or turn off the function.

Re-edit AI Audio Denoise

If you want to remove the change, click the refresh icon on the right side of each tool to delete the specific change. To reset all changes, you can click Reset at the bottom of the window or the refresh icon on the right side of the Denoise bar.

remove denoise in filmora