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Creating A PIP Effect

PIP, also known as Picture in Picture, is an effect often used to place some smaller videos on a background clip, showing two or more video clips on the same screen.

It is extremely useful to create online tutorials, product demonstrations or game videos, etc., when you need to narrate the action happening in the main clip.

Create A PIP Effect Video

  • Import both the background video and the picture-in-picture video to the media library
  • Drag and drop the background video to video track 1 in the timeline.
  • Drag and drop the PIP video above the background video in the timeline.
create pip effect video in Filmora
Create PIP Effect Video in Filmora
  • Select the PIP video in the timeline and drag its handles in the Preview window to quickly adjust its position and size.
adjust pip video size and position in Filmora preview window
Resize and Reposition PiP Video in Filmora Preview Window

Adjust PIP Video

You can position a picture-in-picture clip anywhere you want in the Preview window, resize it to any size, adjust its blending mode and shape, add borders.

Change PIP Blending Modes

● Click the PIP video in the timeline to enter the Video edit panel, go to the Basic tab.

● Scroll down to the Compositing field and select a Blend Mode (i.e., multiply, darken, screen, or color burn).

● You can fine-tune the opacity until you have the look you want in the preview window.

adjust pip video blending mode
Adjust PIP Video Blending Mode
Change PIP Video Shape with Mask

● Switch to the Mask tab in the Video edit panel.

● Please select one of the mask presets and place it in the PIP video in the timeline.

add mask to pip video
Add Mask to PIP Video
You can import your mask from your computer and add keyframing to the mask.
Add Animation and Motion to PIP Video

Filmora provides dozens of motion effects and several animations for you to choose from.

● Double click the PIP video in the timeline switch from the Video panel to the Animation panel.

● Double click one animation preset or motion preset, or right-click on it, and then click Apply to view the result in the Preview window.

add animation to pip video
Add Animation to PIP Video
You can also add and customize the animation to the PiP video.
Add Effects to PIP Video

● Go to the Effect tab and then search the border in the search bar.

● Drag the border effect to the PIP video in the timeline, and go to the Effect tab under the Video panel.

add border to pip video
Add Border Effect to PIP Video

● Click the PIP video in the timeline to enter the Video panel.

● Switch to the Effect field to adjust the color, size, blur, opacity, and director of the border.

adjust border in pip video
Adjust Border in PIP Video