PIP(Video Overlay)

Adding multiple overlay clips gives you more creative possibilities for your movie. This feature is called PIP (Picture-in-picture), or Video Overlay in Wondershare Filmora for Mac. You can superimpose any video clips over your background video or add built-in element resources to your video.

Add PIP Clips to Your Background Video

Wondershare Filmora for Mac enables you to add up to 10 PIP clips at a time. You can either add your own video footages, or choose from the built-in PIP resource library in Filmora.

To add your own video clips as PIP clip or video overlay clip

1. Load your overlay clips to the Media Library

2. Drag the target clip from the Media Library to the PIP Track on the Timeline (PIP track is located right under the video track and above the text track).

3. Click the play button in the preview window, the overlay clip is now being placed on top of your background video.

To add built-in PIP element resources as PIP clip

Apart from adding your own video footage, photos etc. as PIP clip or overlay clip, you can also choose from built-in PIP element resources offered in Filmora for Mac. You can browse all the PIP resources or choose a specific category like Decoration, Smilies, Festival, Frame or Favorite.

add pip resource

(Note: The old PIP tab in Wondershare Filmora for Mac is now renamed to Element tab in Filmora for Mac. Navigate to the Element tab, there you will find a lot of new PIP element resources, as well as all the old PIP resources.)

To apply the built-in PIP element resources, just choose one you like and then drag it to the PIP track from the resource library, or right click on the element and choose "Apply". You can also right click and choose "Add to Favorites" to add the elements to the favorite folder.

Adjust PIP Clip

After the overlay clips are added, you can easily adjust them on Wondershare Filmora for Mac.

To reposition an overlay clip

Drag the overlay clip to the desired position on the Preview Window. It is recommended that you keep the overlay clip away from the texts.

To resize an overlay clip

In the Preview Window, drag the handles around the overlay clip to resize it.

Note: If you drag the green corner handle, it will keep the aspect ratio when you resize the clip.

resize overlay clip

Double click the target overlay clip, you will activate the PIP Inspector, in which you can add Motion, Mask and Green Screen effect for this overlay clip. In the right preview Window, you can rotate and flip the media file here too.

PiP Inspector

Apply Motion to Overlay Clip

Choose Motion tab, click anyone to apply on Preview Window, click OK to apply.

apply motion to overlay clip

Apply Mask to Overlay Clip

Choose Mask tab, click anyone to apply on Preview Window, click OK to apply. Please note that if you choose a PNG file to add Mask, the Mask effect will be useless because of the invisitable background.

apply motion to overlay clip

Apply Green Screen to Overlay Clip

Choose Green Screen tab, click anyone to apply, click OK to apply. Check this Green Screen function in more details here.

Apply Compositing Effects to Blend Videos

Click into the Compositing tab and select a compositing mode to blend your main video with your PIP clip. You can adjust your opacity depending on how intense or subtle you want the effect to be.

PIP Blending Mode

Download the free trial version below:

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