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Auto Ripple for Mac

When editing in Filmora's timeline panel, gaps can disrupt the playback flow; hence, users need to remove them. Filmora offers the Auto Ripple feature that automates removing video gaps and eliminates manual effort. To learn more about this function and how it ensures an uninterrupted workflow, follow the guide:

Enabling Auto Rippling Before Editing

For a smooth editing experience, here is a step-by-step guide for enabling auto-rippling in Filmora before your editing session:

Step 1: Start a New Project and Import Media into the Timeline

Begin by downloading Wondershare Filmora by visiting its official website and launching it on your device. When the main menu window appears, click the "New Project" button and import your media files. Then, place your media files onto the desired timeline tracks using the drag-and-drop feature.

add media to filmora mac
add media to filmora mac
Step 2: Enable Auto Ripple

Proceed to the left-side panel of the timeline track, where you've added your media files. Find and select the "Open Auto Ripple" option next to the Track Manager. Once activated, this function will auto-eliminate the gaps between video clips during the editing process.

enable auto ripple feature
enable auto ripple feature

Manually Managing Gaps During/After Editing

In case you fail to enable auto-rippling before starting editing, you have the option to manually eliminate these gaps by employing the methods detailed below:

Method 1: Via the "X" Icon

With the help of your mouse, navigate toward the gaps between your video clips on the timeline and select these gaps. Then, click the "X" icon located in the top right corner of these gaps to delete them.

use cross sign
use cross sign
Method 2: Via the "Control + Click" Function

An alternative technique involves placing the cursor within the gap between two video clips in a track and pressing "Control + Click" from your keyboard. In the appearing options menu, click the "Ripple Delete" option.

access ripple delete option
access ripple delete option
Method 3: Via the Keyboard Shortcuts

Another approach to removing these spaces between clips in the timeline involves selecting the space between them and pressing the keyboard shortcut "Shift+ Delete".