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Latest Versions and Features: V13

Filmora 13 is now officially live. Besides the updated interface, it also launches various new features to help you solve multiple professional video editing needs. New features include AI Copilot Editing, AI Text-Based Editing, AI Music Generator, and more.

Filmora will push the new features to your PC/Email via the Message Center Check for Upgrade. You can also download it directly via our website.

Here's what's new within the new version of Filmora 13:

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For Win 7 or later(64-bit)
Free Download
For macOS 10.14 or later

AI Copilot Editing

Utilize our interactive AI to assist you in completing video editing tasks more efficiently with just a conversation.

AI Text-Based Editing

Harness the power of AI to automatically transcribe the audio in your videos into text, enabling you to edit your videos just like editing a document. Use this to significantly enhance the efficiency and speed of your video editing.

AI Music Generator

Leverage AI to generate royalty-free music for your videos, tailored to selected emotions, themes, and customized durations based on your needs.

AI Thumbnail Creator

Utilize AI to intelligently identify the most distinctive frame in your video for generating a thumbnail. Additionally, we offer options for applying pre-designed social media templates. You can also create your own thumbnail templates by editing text, cropping portraits, and more.

AI Text-To-Video

With a click of a button transform your text into videos. Our advanced algorithms can analyze and comprehend your input topic or content, search for matching stock media, and generate a corresponding video complete with visual and audio elements.

AI Vocal Remover

Instantly extract, separate, or remove vocals from any music without compromising the quality of the audio.

Compound Clip

With this tool, you can easily group multiple video clips, audio tracks, and effects into a single entity, streamlining complex editing tasks while maintaining precision.

AI Smart Masking

Intelligently recognize your footage's subject and automatically generate masks around them, enabling various creative possibilities.

Playback Speed Shortcuts

Use Playback Speed Shortcuts to review footage, find specific moments or swiftly skim through your project files to identify key segments.

Slow Motion with Optical Flow

Utilizes Optical Flow technology to create ultra-smooth, high-quality slow-motion effects. By analyzing and interpolating frames, the AI-enhanced slow-motion results in stunning footage without sacrificing video quality.

Pro Video Scopes

The new Pro Video Scopes in Filmora provide precise and professional color analysis tools for video editing. These scopes, including RGB waveform monitors and vectorscopes, allows you to assess and adjust color levels, ensuring the best possible color accuracy and consistency in videos.

Keyframe Graph Editor

Use the Velocity graph to fine-tune motion or value changes just before and after keyframe points to achieve fluid animations sequences and simulate realistic motions.

Customizable Backgrounds

Eliminate unwanted black bars with easy-set aspect ratio adjustments, or apply your own image to finish with a stylish blur.

Effect Collections

Our best editors have carefully selected the best music, titles, and other effects, organizing them into 'Collections'. These hand-picked effects are curated to enhance your video creation endeavors.

Optimized Screen Recording

Easily screen record with flexible webcam placement, enabling precise eye-level alignment with your audience for a remarkable impression. Implement the separation of main screen and webcam recordings to facilitate the creation of versatile, multipurpose materials.


Mark In and Mark Out are video editing tools for defining start and end points in your footage, streamlining precise content selection

AI Skin Tone Protection

Fine-tune your clips to preserve your skin tone integrity regardless of your LUTS or grading . Isolate and enhance human skin to emphasize its true hue

Marked Favorites

Introduces structured storage and asset management for quickly parsing through your project's material. Enhance your content, organizaion, and accesibility.

AI Translation

Wondershare Filmora’s AI Translation tool can translate your video into any language for a wider content reach and more views.

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