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Customized Backgrounds for Videos and Images in Mac

With the new upgrade of Filmora, users can incorporate different backgrounds in their videos for a decent outlook. These backgrounds are customizable, as users can manipulate background types and other relevant items. If you want to know more about integrating creative backgrounds for your video through Filmora, here is your guide:

Apply Custom Backgrounds

The process of applying background graphics in your videos is simple with Filmora, and for further assistance, here is a step-by-step guide to it:

Step 1: Download Filmora for Mac and Initiate a New Project

Open Filmora on your web browser and download the latest version for Mac. After a successful installation, launch the software and log in. Moving forward, navigate towards the left panel and choose "Create Project" from the options. Further, select the "New Project" button resting at the center of the main menu.

create project in filmora
Create project in Filmora
Step 2: Import Clip/Image and Drop it to Timeline

From the top toolbar of the editing window, select the "File" tab and choose "Import Media" from the drop-down menu. Select a suitable option to import your files. Once the files are shown in the Media Library, use the drag-and-drop method to bring them to the timeline.

add clip or image to timeline
Add clip or image to timeline
Step 3: Access Backgrounds Option

By clicking on the clip or image in the background, a settings panel will appear at the top left area of this window. Navigate towards this panel and select the "Basic" section under the "Video" tab. Scroll down the settings window and turn "ON" the "Background" slider.

access settings to enable background
Access settings to enable background
Step 4: Customize the Backgrounds

Under the "Background" section, there are many options to personalize them. By expanding the "Type" options, users can choose between "Blur", "Color", and "Pattern" for the background. In addition, users can also modify other elements like "Blur Strength".

manage custom background settings
Manage custom background settings

Remove Custom Backgrounds

In case you don’t like the background of your video and want to remove it, here is the guide to undo a customized background in Filmora:

Instruction: From the Settings Panel

To remove a background, click the clip in which you've added the background, and from the settings panel, click the "Reset" button.

reset customized background settings
Reset customized background settings