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Member Plans

Find out more about different member plans and get the most suitable one.

Member Plans for Filmora

Filmora has two types of member plans:

  • Annual Plan
  • Perpetual Plan

Subscribing to one of the above-listed plans allows you to access all the editing features(Except AI Portrait) of Filmora and export the videos without a watermark.

The main difference between the annual plan and the perpetual plan is:
The annual plan provides over 10 updates annually, while the perpetual license only provides 1 update.

Member Plans for Effects & Plugins

Filmora’s effects and plugins have one type of member plan:

Monthly Plan

By subscribing to the Filmora Effects & Plugins, you can enjoy the NewBluce FX, Boris FX, and AI Portrait features.

For the monthly and annual plans, the subscription will automatically. You can cancel anytime.