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Think Bigger From Filmora User Guide

Panel Layout

Get to know about the usages of different panels of Wondershare Filmora for Mac.

Filmora for Mac's Editing Interface

Media Panel
  • Access your media file and other resources like Audio, Transitions, Effects, and more.
Player Panel
  • Preview your video.
Timeline Panel
  • Arrange your clips sequence and other media files.

Media Panel

On this panel, you can access the below resources:

My Media: Access the media files you imported.

Stock Media: Browse royalty-free stock media from Giphy/Pixabay/Unsplash.

Audio: Explore Filmora’s audio file.

Titles: Find the preset titles to be used in your video.

Transitions: Make your video eye-catching with various Transitions.

Effects: Choose the right effects for your video.

Elements: Add elements like Stickers.

Split Screen: Splitting screen is never easier with preset templates.

Media Panel in Filmora
Media Panel in Filmora

Player Panel

The preview panel allows you to preview your editing video. You can:

❶ Set playback quality.

❷ Adjust playback quality and display settings.

❸ Capture a snapshot of the video.

❹ Mark In.

❺ Mark Out.

Player panel in Filmora
Player Panel in Filmora

Timeline Panel

The timeline panel is where you arrange your video clips, audio, transitions, titles, effects, elements, and more.

On the Timeline panel, you can perform various actions for your media files, including

❶ Delete video clips/audio/transitions/elements, etc.

❷ Split your video clips or audio files.

❸ Edit your media files’ parameter.

❹ Render the video for a preview.

❺ Add marker.

❻ Record voiceover.

❼ Mix audio and more.

Example Timeline Panel
Example Timeline Panel

1 Basic Editing > 2 Advanced Editing > 3 Video Track > 4 Audio Track