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Mac Panel Layout

Wondershare Filmora is an all-in-one video editing software where you can create unique and polished videos in a few minutes. In this article, we’ll show you how to know more about the different panel layouts of Filmora for Mac.

Filmora for Mac’s Editing Interface

Media Panel

Access your media files as well as other resources from audio, transitions, effects, stickers, templates, and more.

Player Panel

Preview your videos and take still images using Snapshot.

Timeline Panel

Arrange, split, and edit your clips sequence and other media files.

What’s New – Property Panel

Filmora for Mac is now equipped with a new addition to its layout called the Property Panel.

filmora 12 panel layout for mac

Property Panel

The new Property Panel for Mac makes all info readily available so you can make adjustments when editing on the spot.

All the relevant information on your projects, such as the video, audio, color, and speed properties of your clip in the Timeline Panel or Preview Window, is placed on the new Property Panel so you can tweak your clips on the fly.

Player Panel/Preview Window

The Player Panel (Preview Window) allows you to preview your clips during the editing process. This is where you can (referring to the bottom-right area of the next image):

player panel filmora for mac
  1. Set playback quality
  2. Tweak display settings
  3. Capture a snapshot of the video
  4. Mark in
  5. Mark out

If you want to use the Player Panel as an independent panel or replace it with the default position, you can click the Cross Delete tab or simply drag the panel.

drag player panel filmora for mac


You can take a full-resolution image of the still frame in your player panel with the Snapshot button. Snapshot automatically saves the picture to your Media Library as an image for later viewing.


The position of the playhead is located in the lower-right corner and is fitted with a handy time code for tracking purposes. You can jump to a specific point on any part of the video if you want to enter a new time code.

Media Panel

The Media Panel displays all your imported source files when creating a project. With the addition of Stickers and Templates, Filmora 12 is now equipped with more resources than ever before to create trendy videos on your Mac, such as:

  • Media: To import your media files.
  • Stock Media: Provide royalty-free stock media in GIPHY/Pixabay/Unsplash
  • Audio: Search the audio files of Filmora.
  • Titles: Select available preset titles and apply them to your video.
  • Transitions: Give multiple transitions to make your video more eye-catching.
  • Effects: Select eye-popping effects for your project.
  • Stickers: Add different stickers to your videos.
  • Templates: To split screen videos with preset templates.
media panel filmora for mac

Timeline Panel

The Timeline Panel is where you assemble your clips and effects to your projects. This is where you can perform various actions to your media files, such as:

  • Remove elements like video clips, audio, transitions, etc.
  • Split your video clips or audio files into several parts.
  • Adjust parameters in media files.
  • Render your video for a preview.
  • Add marker during the post-production phase.
  • Record voiceover.
  • Mix audios.
timeline panel filmora for mac


Refer to the screenshot above for performing various functions such as:

  1. Basic & Advanced Editing
  2. Video Track
  3. Audio Track

Layout Modes

With Filmora 12 for Mac, there are six layout models to choose from when editing your projects: Default, Organize, Edit, Short Video, Classic, and Dual.

If you’re used to Filmora 11, you can choose the Classic mode to revert back to the original layout. Meanwhile, the Dual layout works best for people with multiple monitors.

layout modes filmora for mac

Resizing Panel Groups

If you want to resize any of the panels meanwhile, simply drag the resizing icon that appears at the borders between each panel to adjust to your preferred fit.

Method 1: Place the pointer to the sides, then the pointer becomes a left and right arrow. And you can resize panels horizontally,

Method 2: If you want to resize the panels vertically, put the pointer underneath the panels until the pointer becomes an up-and-down arrow.

resize panel filmora for mac