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Audio Driven Effects for Mac

Filmora provides users with the ability to enhance their videos with music effects. Within its Effects library, you will discover a variety of audio-driven effects tailored to assist in different contexts. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of accessing and applying audio-responsive effects:

Access and Employ Audio-Responsive Effects

This section explains how to find, access, and apply audio driven effects within Filmora:

Step 1: Launch Filmora and Select Open Project

Once downloaded and launched Filmora on your computer, click the "Open Project" button on its main display. Then, select the files you wish to import into your timeline panel and place them on the timeline using your cursor.

start filmora and open project
Start filmora and open project
Step 2: Access Audio Driven Effects

Next, head over to the "Effects" tab and expand the "Audio Effects" category from the left side panel. You will find a collection of pre-assembled effects within the "Audio Driven Effects" category.

navigate to audio driven effects
Navigate to audio driven effects
Step 3: Add an Effect from the Collection

Upon selecting your desired effect, use the drag and drop method to place these desired audio effects onto the timeline track above your video, and press the "Play" button in the preview screen to see.

add and preview effect
Add and preview effect