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Think Bigger From Filmora User Guide

Startup Window for Mac

Get to know the new startup window. The new startup window is more informative and intuitive as it is redesigned to be more user-friendly. It allows you to have a better understanding of the software’s features and what they can do for you to create amazing videos.

You select the function you need by clicking the corresponding tab based on your operational purpose.

startup window interface

1Create Projects >

2Cloud Project >

3Creator Hub

If you don't see this startup window, please upgrade to the latest version, and then go to File > Preferences > General tab to enable this startup window. It will show when Filmora launches next time.

Create Projects

The Create Project tab contains a variety of features, along with your recent local projects changeable to list view or thumbnail view. The new Start-Up Window is designed to help you get started with your project as quickly as possible. It contains all the tools you need for creating a video.

1Use the drop-down menu to choose an aspect ratio.

You can choose from a wide variety of aspect ratios by clicking on the appropriate option in this drop-down menu.

startup window interface

2To begin editing, click on Create Project and it will take you to the new user interface.

startup window interface

3The startup window has added shortcuts to screen tools, which you can select to use as desired.

startup window interface


a. You can start by choosing a template by using "Instant Mode" if you want your videos to look more engaging and creative.

b. Easily record your screen with "Screen Record" conveniently so you won’t have to record with other third-party apps.

c. Reframe a video quickly with Auto Reframe powered by AI technology that automatically detects the focal point of your video and crops it, always keeping it in the frame like magic!

d. Smoothly cut out unwanted parts to trim your awesome videos with the built-in "Instant Cutter".

e. Automatically detect and remove silence with "Silence Detection", so you won't have to remove the silence from your video manually.

f. Effortlessly use "Auto Beat Sync" to synchronize your videos to the rhythm of the music of your choice.

Cloud Project

Cloud Project is a great way to safely store your project documents, project templates, and finished videos. Get your FREE 1GB cloud storage in Filmora 12!

startup window interface
  • Download and open Filmora.
  • Click “Cloud Project>Project Files” and then log into your account to activate the cloud.
  • Click “Authorize” to allow Wondershare Drive to quickly back up files

Now you can enjoy Cloud Project and have your files securely backed up to Wondershare Drive. You can also use Filmora’s cloud storage for other purposes such as sharing your projects with others, so they can view files with their device.

Creator Hub

Scale up your inner creative video editing skills with the help of Creator Hub. Creator Hub is a place where you can find tutorials and secret skills to inspire your video editing. We've embedded YouTube's API so that you can search, save, and comment on creative training videos directly within Creators Academy. Creator Hub is perfect for beginners and professionals alike. With a simple layout that makes it easy to learn how to edit videos, this software will help you create high-quality footage quickly and easily. Videos directly within Creators Academy.

startup window interface