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Known Issues & Fixed Bugs

Find known issues and fixed bugs in the latest release of Filmora.

Known Issues

Last update on Jun 21,2022
These are the issues you might encounter when using Filmora.
  • Unable to export videos directly to YouTube

We are sorry to say that you may fail to export video from Filmora to YouTube directly, but you can still login YouTube account. The increasing amount of video exporting has reached the limit of our daily YouTube API quota. We are currently trying to apply more quotas to fix the issue. During this period, you can export the video to your computer and then upload to YouTube.

Fixed Issues

Last update on Jun 21,2022
These are the issues we fixed in recent Filmora release.

Fixed Issues in Filmora 11.5.0

  • Bugs related to automatic upgrade
  • "Cannot save text resources" issue
  • Resource crash 
  • Cannot use TTS

Fixed Issues in Filmora 11.4.5

  • Crash of beauty effects
  • Player crash while using vertical screen
  • Audio filter icon still shows after being deleted
  • Icon too big in text editing panel
  • Cannot export in some scenarios while using auto ripple on

Fixed Issues in Filmora 11.4.0

  • Cannot run on Windows 11
  • Issue with feedback
  • Crash when using “redo” shortcut in editing WordArt
  • Cannot play when double-clicking audio visualization

Fixed Issues in Filmora 11.3.5

  • The exchanges problem of STT/TSS member benefits
  • Crash after setting the width to 0 in applying mask
  • Crash in click download AR sticker assets repeatedly
  • Similar search no result and no text reminder
  • Cannot save resource assets

Fixed Issues in Filmora 11.3.0

  • Motion tracking failed to work after adjusting the tracking frame
  • Fade effects in SRT advanced text editing not working
  • Editing box lost while adjusting mosaic motion tracking
  • Program irresponsible in creating a proxy after importing too many files

Fixed Issues in Filmora 11.0.8

  • Translation errors in multi-language versions
  • Not showing full icon after applying key framing
  • After enabling shortcut from timeline, the properties panel is not synchronized