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Detect Beat and Create Beat Markers

Filmora’s Beat Detection function will mark audio beats automatically and make it easier to match your video. Here are the steps to use Beat Detection.

Creating Markers with Beat Detection

Right-click on a “Music” file that you want to detect the beats for. You can choose from the built-in music or your own imported audio files. Select “Beat Detection” in the context menu. When the analysis is finished, a Beat icon will appear on the music’s thumbnail.

beat detection
Beat Detection
Filmora will need to install the beat detection plugin for the first time you use Beat Detection. It may take some time.

Drag and drop your analyzed music file into your timeline to see the beat markers.

beat marker in the music
Beat Marker

Beat Options Setting

Filmora will display highlight beat markers in red every four beats by default, but this setting can be changed. You can change the beat detection settings by right-clicking the “Music” file in the library. Then select “Beat Options.” Here you can change the highlight beat frequency, highlight offset, or un-check Mark highlight beats only to display every beat marker.

beat option setting
Beat Option Setting

Adding Additional Beat Markers

Select your audio file in the timeline and place the playhead where you want to add a marker. Then, click the “Marker” icon or press “M” on your keyboard.

Removing Beat Markers

Choose a marker and press “Delete” on the keyboard, or right-click on the marker and choose “Delete.” To remove all markers, choose “Delete All Markers.”

Once you’re happy with how the beats are marked, all that’s left is to drag and drop photos and videos into the video tracks and arrange them to match the beat.