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AI Music Generator for Mac

Music is an important element in video editing, and now, with the help of Filmora’s upgrade, users can incorporate the AI-generated music in their videos. You can generate music for commercial use (only for Youtube channel) with customized filtering options. The AI Music Generator lets users create music with diverse emotions and themes. In this guide, we are going to learn all about music generation with Filmora's AI technology:

Generate AI Music on Mac With Filmora

This section emphasizes the step-by-step process of music generation with Filmora’s AI:

Step 1: Launch Filmora and Initiate a New Project

After completing the download process and launching Filmora, log in or create an account. Once that’s done, click the "New Project" button in the main menu to start editing.

create new project on mac
Create new project on mac
Step 2: Access the AI Music Function

Navigate towards the custom toolbar and click the "Audio" tab. From the left side panel, find and click on "AI Music" and further select "Tool". Click the "Start" button on the AI Music screen to start the generation of automated music.

open ai music function
Open ai music function
Step 3: Personalize Music and Start Generating

After clicking the "Start" button, a small window will appear on the screen. You can add emotions to your music by defining its "Mood", setting a particular "Theme", choosing several outcomes with the "Generated music count" slider, and adjusting the "Music Duration" slider from this window. Once these settings are done, click "Start" to continue generating.

define ai music properties
Define ai music properties
Step 4: Download the AI-Generated Music

The AI will start generating results; you can see them in the adjacent box on the same window. You can click on the songs to listen and press the downward arrow icon at the top right corner of the songs to download them.

download ai music
Download ai music
Step 5: Access the Downloaded Music

Once the music is downloaded, it will be automatically saved in Filmora. To access your personalized AI-generated songs, navigate towards the left side panel and click the "Generated" option.

access generated music tab
Access generated music tab
Step 6: Export the AI Music

Bring your music to the timeline from the "Generated" music section. You can edit this music by clicking on it and accessing the "Settings" panel. Once satisfied with the music, hover the mouse towards the export button at the top right of the editing window and tap "Export". From the Export Window, make suitable adjustments and click "Export" to save this music on your device.

export ai music mac
Export ai music mac