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Markers for Mac

Another one of the user-friendly features of Wondershare Filmora is the addition of Markers. With their help, users can highlight the points of error or add a comment about how to edit a specific part. This feature is also helpful for those under professional video editing training or working for creators. To know more about this feature and its functionality, users can keep reading the given guide:

Apply Marker

There are two methods of adding markers in the timeline with Filmora; here, we are going to discuss both of them:

Method 1: Using the Timeline Toolbar
Step 1: Create a New Project and Import the Clip to the Timeline

After successfully downloading and installing Filmora on your Mac, initiate it. Click the "New Project" button from the main screen, and you'll be directed to the main editing interface. Click your keyboard's "Command + I" keys to import media into the Media Library. Add imported clips to the timeline with the drag and drop feature.

import clips to filmora
Import clips to filmora
Step 2: Find "Add Marker" Option

Once the clip is added, place the playhead at the point where you want to add the marker and navigate towards the timeline toolbar. Click the "Add Marker" option from the toolbar's right side. This will add a marker to the point where the playhead is.

look for add marker option
Look for add marker option
Method 2: From the Keyboard Shortcut

Now, place the playhead on the timeframe where you intend to add the marker and press the "M" key from your keyboard. The marker symbol will be displayed on the timeline clip.

add marker from keyboard
Add marker from keyboard

Customize Marker

With Filmora’s new update, users can now customize these markers in two steps given below:

Step 1: Right Click on the Marker

Navigate toward the marker you added in the timeline clip and right-click on it. From the dropdown menu, choose the "Modify Marker" option.

proceed to modify marker
Proceed to modify marker
Step 2: Make Adjustments in the Editing Window

Make your customization in the Marker Editor window and press "OK" to proceed. Users can give the marker a name, add a comment, or change the marker color from this window.

adjust marker of clip
Adjust marker of clip

Delete Marker

Users can delete a marker by clicking right on the "Marker" and choosing either the "Delete" or "Delete All Markers" option.

delete marker from timeline
Delete marker from timeline