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Color Match for Mac

This guide shows how to color-correct your videos with Color Match on Mac.

Color match compares the color of the current clip to the reference clip and automatically matches the color in a few seconds. It plays a vital role when you have footage from different cameras. It can correct colors efficiently to make the look of your video consistent.

Apply Color Match to Videos on Mac

Here is how to activate and use Color Match in your video.

Step 1: Add the video

After launching the application, import the video from your files. Alternatively, you can drag the clip from your computer to the processing interface.

Step 2: Open the feature

Double-click the clip in the timeline. Then, in the property panel on the left side of the interface, select Color > Basic. Click the button beside Color Match to activate the feature.

find color match feature on property panel

Alternatively, you can right-click the clip in the timeline. Then, scroll to find the Color Match.

scrolling to find color match feature

Step 3: Preview the comparison

Click Comparison View to compare the Reference and Current clips. Drag the progress bar of the Reference video to find the frame with the exact color you want to match.

color match feature tab on mac

Step 4: Match the color

Click Match below the Reference video. Then, the color of the Current video would be matched with the Reference video automatically.

Step 5: Modify the strength

Drag the slider back and forth in the Color Match tab to find an ideal strength of the feature. When you have finished, click Ok.

Remove Color Match Adjustment

To remove the adjustments, you can click Reset in the Color Match section. Then, the value will go back to the default setting.