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Add And Customize Filters

Add Filters

Filmora offers hundreds of filters to help you create amazing videos. Just follow the steps below to figure out how to use it.

1 Click the Effects and choose the Filmstock tab. You can see the Filter&LUT option. Then select the filter that you like to apply.

2 Just drag-and-drop the effect to the timeline or onto the video clip. The filter will be used on the whole clip if you drop it onto the video clip.

add filters
Add Filters

Customize Filters

You can also change the duration or opacity of filter effects.

1 Change the Duration: 

The default length is five seconds, but you can change its duration by dragging the edge of the effect in your timeline.

2 Change the Alpha Opacity of Filters: 

The alpha opacity (transparency) property has a value of 0-100. The lower the number is, the more transparent the filter is. You can double-click on the filter in the timeline to customize its opacity. Then in the Preview Window to view the effect.

customize filters
Customize Filters