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Color Comparison View for Mac

In the pursuit of editing, color maintenance upholds the integrity of your content, and Filmora presents its Color Comparison View for you to master color editing. This feature allows users to compare their video content's original and post-editing outlooks. For a detailed guide on understanding the Color Comparison functionality in Filmora, read below:

Accessing Color Comparison View on Filmora

To separate the differences in your clips, you can employ any of the following three methods that suit your preferences the best:

Method 1: Via the Upper Toolbar

Step 1: Place Media on the Timeline

Once you have created a "New Project" within Filmora after its launch, proceed towards the import of your files using the "Command + I" keys. After importing, use your cursor to select and drag the imported media onto the timeline.

import media filmora mac
Import media filmora mac
Step 2: Activation of the Color Comparison Feature

After selecting the clip in the timeline, direct your attention towards the top toolbar and select the "View" tab. From the appearing dropdown menu, select the "Compare Color Before/After" option. Further, select the layout style for the color comparison window from "Side-by-Side View", "Split View Left/Right", and "Split View Top/Bottom".

access color comparison from view tab
Access color comparison from view tab
Step 3: Editing Within the Color Comparison Mode

Once the layout has been customized, a new window displays the color comparison between your pre and post-edited video. You can observe or enhance the changes from there and exit this window by clicking the "Color Comparison Layout" icon at the color editing panel.

use color comparison feature
Use color comparison feature

Method 2: Via the Settings Panel

After the import of media in the timeline panel, select it directly towards the "Color" tab at the left settings panel. From there, expand the "Color Comparison Layout" icon and choose a layout to activate this view.

access color comparison from settings
Access color comparison from settings

Method 3: Via the Timeline Toolbar

Upon placing your media in the timeline, select it and reach the timeline toolbar. From there, direct your attention to the "Color Palette" icon and click it. Upon clicking it, a small color comparison display will appear in the Preview section.

access color comparison from color palette
Access color comparison from color palette

Method 4: Through Color Settings

Another method that you can consider for comparing the color within a video clip is through the "Color" settings. As you select the clip and continue into the respective section, scroll down and enable the "Color Match" option. Proceed to click the "Comparison View" button to enable the comparison view settings for Filmora.

access color match options
Access color match options