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How to Liven Up Your Animate Website on Scroll

Are you looking to animate website on scroll guide? Then you are at the right place. Please read this post to know everything about scrolling animation on website.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Nov 27, 21, updated Jul 17, 24
How to Liven Up Your Animate Website on Scroll

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

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"I am looking for the information about animate website on a scroll and how to use the parallax scrolling on the website. Can I get some reference websites and a video editor for editing the parallax videos?"

animate website on scroll

The animate website on scroll is a new and latest feature offered by the developers in the new websites. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss the animate scroll websites.

 Part 1 The Benefits of Scroll Animation That Few People Know

 01 What is Scroll Animation?

Scroll animation is a feature offered by the website developers on the website where you will see the elements when you move the cursor on the website or when you scroll the webpage of the website.

Scroll Animation

Previously this concept was not much popular because sometimes website visitors can get confused with this feature but as per a few kinds of research, it is observed that this feature is more user friendly than the common websites. This technique also helps people to make the content more visible at the time of scrolling the website.

 02 Why Should You Use On-Scroll Animation Effects?

There are many positive aspects of using the On-Scroll animation effects for your websites. When you use this animation on your website then you will see a wow factor on your website and your visitors will be happy while browsing.

#1: Visitors Never Lost while Navigating:

In the on scroll animation effects when the visitors scroll your website then they will never feel lost and they can easily understand that where they started and ended up.

#2: Animate website on Scroll can attract the Visitor Attention to Call to Action:

If you use the animate website on a scroll then your website visitors can get direct attention to the call to action buttons available on your webpage. It can easily attract the attention of visitors to any specific place where you want. On scroll, the animation is just like pointing at anyone with a finger. The working of this technique is that when a user starts browsing and scrolling on your website then it starts loading the next steps.

#3: It keeps Visitors Engaged:

With the animate website on scroll whenever a visitor scrolls down to the webpages then they will find the interesting content in every scroll. It gives a very good view to the user than the static website content. Users show interest in reading the whole page.

#4: Scrolling Decrease the Page Loading Time:

In the scroll animation users slowly scroll the website to find the content which helps you to decrease the loading time of a webpage. Scrolling always loads the elements one by one when they need.

 Part 2 Top 5 Scroll-to-Animate Effects in Online Animation

 01 Scroll Through Image to Change Text Parallax Effect

In the Scroll through Image effect, you will see the content of the webpage after scrolling through the image on the website and developed by codemyui.

Scroll Through Image To Change Text Parallax Effect

 02 Hero Book Cover Slide to Intro – Mobile Friendly

In this animation effect when you move the cursor on the image then the image will turn upside and you will be able to see the content written on the webpage.

Hero Book Cover Slide

 03 Marquee Page Border Effect On Scroll using GSAP

Marquee page border effect as the name of this scroll effect tells about it that in this effect you will simply see the moving border when you scroll from all 4 sides. It gives a great look to your videos.

Marquee Page Border Effec

 04 Scrollable Agency Portfolio Grid Design

Scrollable Agency Portfolio Grid Design effect is specially designed for the agencies. It gives a very creative look to the web pages. You can simply scroll the web pages from the right to the left side and then finally select the content using the call to action buttons.

Scrollable Agency Portfolio Grid Design

 05 Change Text Color and Side across Image on Scroll

This scrolling effect allows you to give a text-changing effect on your web pages. When a visitor scroll on your website pages then they will see the changes in the colors of the text which gives a superb view to your viewers.

Change Text Color

 Part 3 10 Websites with Inspiring Scrolling Animation

 01 Jessandruss

Jessandruss is a wedding website developed using scrolling animation. On this website mainly the wedding story of Jess & Russ is presented by the website developers. This is an awesome design of the parallax scrolling where you can see their relationship story.

Jessandruss Scrolling Effect

 02 Fire Watch Game

Fire Watch Game website is one of the best examples of the Parallax scrolling website. On this website, developers have used around 6 layers which can be moved and show the sense of depth. On this website, parallax scrolling is not used on the whole site so you can only find it on the top of the homepage. This helps the website to make it user-friendly for the visitors and they can easily read it without any issue of the constant parallax scrolling.

Fire Watch Game Scrolling Effect

 03 Diesel Bad Guide

Diesel Bad guide is a one-page website that was designed for the launch of Diesel’s bad Fragrance. When visitors visit the website then they will see an image with the call to action button with the name “Bad Guide”. When you move the cursor on the call to action button you will hear a sound and after clicking you will be redirected to the product page where you can buy the fragrances. You can view the direction on the website to use it. You can use your mouse to drag the products from up to down and down to upside. This is completely developed using parallax scrolling.

Diesel Bad Guide Scrolling Effect

 04 ToyFight

ToyFight is the most popular and award-winning website where you can find thousands of cool features. This website is designed with the use of parallax scrolling and 3D technology. When you move the cursor on this website then the toys move a little bit in the background which is the effect of parallax scrolling. All pages of this website are designed using parallax scrolling.

ToyFight Scrolling Effect

 05 New York Times: Snowfall

Snowfall is a webpage designed on the New York Times website shows that how the parallax scrolling is used to show a story related to the snowfall. On this webpage, they used parallax scrolling on the images and videos which show the tunnel creek avalanche. This story is very old and published in 2012 but still, this is the best example of parallax scrolling usage.

Snowfall Scrolling Effect

 06 Dog studio

Dog studio is an awesome website developed using the parallax scrolling effect. In the background, you will see a 3D animated dog that continuously moves when you scroll on the website. It also changes the color of the dog when you hover the mouse on the titles of the website. The do position also changes as you scroll down the website.

Dogstudio Scrolling Effect

 07 Delassus Group

Delassus Group's website is the most popular example of horizontal scrolling. Mostly all websites work in vertical scrolling while using parallax scrolling but in the case of the Delassus group website, you will see the website display its products horizontally in a very attractive way.

 08 Louie Sellers

Recapafteruse website is a portfolio website which is designed by Louie Seller and they always use a very clever parallax scrolling effect to keep interesting the webpage for their visitors. Recapafteruse is their business name. On the website when you first start scrolling then the pen will uncap and when you finish scrolling and reach the end of the page then the pen will be closed again. It reflects his business name “RecapAfterUse”. This effect is used on every webpage of the website.

Recapafteruse Scrolling Effect

 09 The story of The Goonies

Goonies website is another example of parallax scrolling. On this website when you visit the first page you will see the image with the water and mountains and after starting the scrolling you will start seeing the images of kids and after that credits page and finally the gallery page. This is a one-page website and parallax scrolling is used on the whole webpage.

The story of The Goonies Scrolling Effect

 10 Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is advanced video editing software that helps you to edit the videos for your parallax scrolling websites. It offers you several advanced video editing options with the easiest-to-use interface. The software is available for windows as well as Mac users to edit the videos. With the help of Wondershare Filmora, you can easily edit the videos with cool features such as motion tracking, color matching, audio ducking, split-screen, using premade templates, controlling the video speed, etc. The Wondershare Filmora offers you basic to advanced level options for editing your videos for parallax scrolling with the easy-to-use interface so you can use it even you are a newbie in video editing without any issue.

Key Takeaways from This Episode

This is all about the parallax scrolling website and its examples.

There are many different high-tech blog sites are available that use different types of parallax scrolling animation designs to keep their users engaged.

These look very attractive and you get the chance to get more viewers for your website.

If you are looking for making the best animation video to use with your parallax scrolling website then we would like to suggest the Wondershare Filmora software as it can help you to create the best videos for your parallax scrolling website.

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