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Animate Your Photo Online with These Awesome Tools

This article talks about how to animate your photo online. It contains the advantages of animating your photos. It also contains various tools which you can use to turn your photo into a cartoon online.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Dec 08, 21, updated May 20, 24
Animate Your Photo Online with These Awesome Tools

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

Detailed tutorials provided by the official channel

Animating your family photos online will not only make you nostalgic but will also make you relive that moment. Adding on to this, animating your photos can also make your boring ppt interesting.

This article helps you understand how to animate your pictures online for free and the different features you can use.

 Part 1 Part 1: How Can I Turn My Photo into a Cartoon Online?

Animation gives life to your lifeless photos, makes them more interesting, and attracts an audience. You can add more fun to your normal photos by turning your photos into a cartoon. One of the simplest ways is by turning your photo into a cartoon by using online tools. In this section of the article, we will explore more on some online tools which will help you to turn your photos into a cartoon online.


An online cartoonizer that processes your photo online at a very good speed and gives you a cartoon version of the photo in seconds.

A single click on your cartoonizer and you’ll go from photo to cartoon in seconds. Go to the photo editor and click on the artsy section.  You will have five classic cartoonizer effects and you will be one click away from your beautiful results.


Can upload several photos simultaneously.

Very simple interface that supports drag and drop feature.

It is possible to download photos from the stream.


Many functions are not free.

Too much advertising.

Price $4.95/month

Rating 4.1/5

“Great collage maker and photo editing tools.” - Fayak. A


02Painnt- Art & Cartoon Filters

Painnt is one of the best cartoons yourself apps on the market with more than a thousand filters and effects. It is also a creative community which not only helps you animate your photo online but also helps you discover the artwork of your taste or meet like-minded people.


Regularly updates its software to support more features.

Customize cartoon filter settings with various parameters.


Bugs might cause trouble to your system even if you have a purchases version.

Price Free/ in-app purchases will not cost more than $9.99

Rating 4.5/ 5

“Great app lots of fun don't put no money into the custom style.” - SB


03Prisma Photo Editor

A few years ago, Prisma is one of the most popular applications to animate your photo online. Though its popularity has reduced it still has some cool features.


Has a good number of filters and you will have a lot of options.

Every image you try will be automatically saved to your camera roll.

Create unique-looking features.


Create unique-looking features.

Users have no control over how the app reads every image and gives output.

Price Users have no control over how the app reads every image and gives output.

Rating 4.6/5

“I am seriously addicted to this app. I use it to change my 360 pics into mind blowing Virtual Reality 3D photosphere.” -Leighton Scharf

prisma photo editor

04Cartoon Sketch Camera Pro

Sketch, Cartoon, Halftone, Swirl, Pixellate, Emboss, Crosshatch, or Dots effects can be used to cartoon a photo in this app. but there are only a limited amount of cartoon effects which makes the cartoon sketch camera pro, not one of the best options to animate your photo online free.


It includes 8 different filters and effects.

You can save a photo to your cartoon library.


Supported by only Mac products.

Limited filters and effects

Issues wid bugs

Annoying ads

Price Free/In-app purchases.

Rating 3.6/5

“Get ready to watch a lot of application ads”

cartoon sketch

05Cartoon Photo Editor

The cartoon photo editor app helps you create animated pictures online for free. All effects can be previewed in real-time, which helps you to see your results before capturing a picture or recording a video.


Supports autofocus when shooting a video, picture.

Can also use cartoon effects on previously captured pictures.


Ads can be bothersome.

Price Free/ In-app purchases.

Rating 4.4 /5

“Not the most well-developed app.” - Nunya

cartoon photo editor

06Photo Lab


Has an immense number of filters.

Can easily share pictures on social media.

Easy interface


It's an internet-based app, so limited features when using offline.

Price Free/ PRO subscription- $4.99/month

Rating 4.6/5

“I love so many aspects of this app.” - creativeme

Photo lab

07Toon Me

Special AI developed algorithm in Toon me app instantly gives you, your cartoon picture. Just take a picture and upload it and get ready to meet your cartoon self. Toon me is one of the easiest ways to animate your photo online.


Easy to use.

Cool filters which are unique from normal toon apps.

No adds.


Good filters are only available after paid subscriptions.

Some add ons are and filters are strange.

The App doesn't let you cartoon any photo. it has to have a face on it.

Price The App doesn't let you cartoon any photo. it has to have a face on it.

Rating 4.5/5

“Great app. I'm thinking of actually paying for it to try some of the other cool filters,” - Angel

Toon Me

08MomentCam Cartoons and stickers

This app offers a wide range of filters and stickers. besides this, MomentCam is a community that awards prizes to its most creative members. You can accessorize your cartoon with hairbands, sunglasses, pick hairstyles or beards.


Great cartoon effects.

Easy to use.


Bugs to be fixed.

May witness errors while connected to a network.

New updates are causing issues.

Price Free/ Subscription $4.99/month

Rating 4.5 / 5

“Disappointed in the new update. Interface is confusing to use.” - Kristie

MomentCam Cartoons and stickers

 Part 2 Some Other Tools/Plugins to Help You Improve Photo Animate

012D Photography Online

An animation is a vital tool for any digital artist. Leaving your images to normal static pictures can sometimes bore your audience. Your 2d photography can be animated easily online. To animate your photos online you have several online tools like -

Open Toonz It is a powerful tool that is also open-source software.

Piskel Piskel is an online tool for creating animated sprites and pixel art. It's easy to use and requires no sign-up.

Asperite Is another online tool that can animate your 2d photography online. You can purchase the software for $19.99.

023D Photography Online

3D This- 3Dthis is a unique animation platform that supports 3D animation with the help of amazing in-app tools. It can create 3D models of people’s faces to morph animations. You can convert any picture to a 3D image. Being free software it helps you to learn and explore and create 3D animated pictures online for free.

03Animated Photo Frame Online Editor

Animated photo frames and effects will instantly turn any photo into an awesome greeting card. You can now creatively make your greeting cards for any occasion by using these animations which will convert into gif form.

04Animate Face from Photo Online

This particular type of animation has created a huge trend on social media. Animating faces online you can see how a person in the photograph smiles, moves their head around, etc. People often use it to relive their nostalgic moments of their ancestor's pictures. My heritage blog is one of the websites which makes still faces move. With the help of My heritage blog, you can animate any of the faces in your photos to see them move, blink, and smile. My heritage easily helps you to animate your family photos online.

Now that we have seen various kinds of animation tools and pros and cons, let us look into one such amazing tool that can animate your photo online easily and very professionally.

Key Takeaways from This Episode

In this article we have seen how animating a picture can make a static picture into an interesting art piece.

We have also explored various tools that can make a cartoon and animate your photo online. We have also explored each tool's pros and cons, their pricing, reviews, and ratings. We have also seen various other tools which help you improve your photo animate. We have also seen. With the advancement of technology, we learned that old pictures of our ancestors can be bought into motion.

In the later part of the article, we also learned about a specific software called Filmora Pro that has awesome features. In addition to this, Filmora Pro gives a very professional result.

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