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How To Create Animated Clipart in PowerPoint

What is moving clipart called? Where can I find free animated clipart? How do you add animated clipart to the slide? Here are the answers to all your questions.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Dec 03, 21, updated Jul 17, 24
How To Create Animated Clipart in PowerPoint

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Clipart is a special type of graphic art. There are pre-made images that are used to illustrate all sorts of things.

animated clipart for PowerPoint

The use of animated clipart is increasing day by day. Here, we will discuss the steps of creating animated clipart for PowerPoint.

 Part 1 What is Moving Clipart Called?

The moving clipart is basically called animated clipart or Animated Gifs. These are easy and quick ways to present contents that are dynamic, especially on Web pages. The sizes of these files are small compared to the other alternatives for creating dynamic content like Flash and Java. If you would like to learn more about video animation, you can watch this tutorial:

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These are several images that are encoded in GIF or Graphic interchange format. This contains a number of frames or images within a single file and can be described by the graphic control extension of its own.

clipart example

 Part 2 Where Can I Find Free Animated Clipart?

We all love to use different types of images to express ourselves. However, the process of finding out better quality, copyright > free and also high > resolution free images a really tough task. To make sure that you can find the right one for you, you can go through some really amazing image resources.

These image resources have a huge collection of CCO or Creative Commons licensed and high > quality pictures to meet your different types of needs. Also, keep in mind to check on to the page that is licensed before using any clipart or animated clip art for copyright infringement.

 01 Upsplash


Unsplash is a special site that was launched in the year 2013. This site posts ten photos that are handpicked every ten days. These photos are free of charge. As categorized under CCO, this site offers high > quality resolution images that can add beauty as well as credibility to your work.

 02 Pixabay


Pixabay was launched in the year 2016 and has 550,000 free illustrations, photos, and vectors. It is equipped with a search engine that is versatile and can easily customize and broaden the search. Thus, this can offer you accurate results regarding your searches.

If you wish to use high > quality public domain pictures or animated clip art, this site can be your perfect option.

 03 Public Domain

Public Domain

This website known as Public Domain has a collection of various high > quality pictures, images, and vectors that you can easily use for your animated videos. Especially, vectors are available here in a big number.

 04 Openclipart


Though there are many websites where you can get clip arts, very few of them can provide clip arts of excellent quality. This website known as Openclipart is a reliable source of 11,000 designed clip arts that you can easily use in your animation videos.

 05 Bing


Bing is no doubt an extensive search engine that can work similarly to Google. Bing has a special filter that has a large number of superior quality public domain images, vectors, clip arts, and illustrations to amaze you.

 06 Photopin


As Photopin has millions of free images, many bloggers prefer to use this for their blog posts. However, Photopin does not come under the CCO license. So, you can use their images but you need to add a link to their website.

 07 Pond5 creative

Pond5 creative

Pond5 is the largest online marketplace of the world for royalty–free stock music has now released the creative common category for media with the target to make it easily accessible to their users.

This site offers not only some superior quality free images, but you can also find some special characters, effects, vectors, sounds, animated clip art, 3D models, and many more. You just have to use the filter showing "Public domain only" to get those free licensed images.


Clker is mainly used for clip arts. You can easily get numerous clip arts of different sizes without any charges. This is an amazing source of free graphics, vectors, illustrations, etc. Moreover, this site is also licensed under CCO.

 Part 3 How Do You Add an Animated Clipart to a Slide?

Add Animated Clipart to Slide

You can easily add animated clip art or GIF into the Google slides, to make your creation more visually attractive. To do this task you can choose multiple methods, but the easiest of them is using a GIF URL.

Here is the complete process of how to add a GIF to Google slides using a URL.

 01 How to add a GIF to Google Slides using a URL

add a GIF to Google Slides
Step 1Open Your Presentation

Firstly, you need to go to and then open your presentation, or you can also create a new one.

Step 2Choose GIF That You Want to Insert

Click the slide that you want to insert the GIF onto in the sidebar located on the left side.

Step 3Image

In the top toolbar, just select "Insert", then the "Image" option. After that, select "By URL".

Step 4Paste URL

Just paste the URL into that box.

Step 5Insert

After that, the GIF will pop up, at that time just click on "Insert".

 02 Can you animate objects in PowerPoint?

animate objects in PowerPoint

How to add animations to the pictures, shapes, texts in a PowerPoint presentation?

Step 1Select the Text

First of all, you have to select the text or object that you wish to animate.

Step 2Select "Animations"

Next, Select "Animations" and choose an animation.

Step 3Choose "Effect Options"

Just choose "Effect Options" and select an effect.

How to manage effects and animations?

With Previous

You can play an animation simultaneously as the previous animation in you the sequence.

After previous

You can start an animation right after the previous ones starts.

On click

You can start an animation or move the animated clip art while you click a slide.


You may add time before an effect starts to run.


You can also shorten or lengthen an effect.

How to change the order of animations?

Move the option you desire Later

You can make an animation happen later in the sequence.

Move the option you desire earlier

You can make an animation appear earlier in the sequence.

How to add animation to the grouped objects?

Step 1

You need to press "Ctrl" and select the objects you want.

Step 2

Select "Format> Group> Group" to group those objects or texts.

Step 3

Select "Animations" and choose an animation.

 03 How to Add Animated Clipart in Powerpoint?

add animated clipart in PowerPoint

Here is the detailed process for you.

Step 1Choose a Clip art image

You need to select the desired image. You can either select an image from the default option in PowerPoint showing Office clipart or you can search for images online or insert your own collection of photos.

Step 2Select an animation effect

You have to go to the "Animation " tab and click on the option that shows "Add Animation". From that drop-down menu, you will get several animation effects to animate your static image and create your animated clipart for PowerPoint.

Step 3Choose among different effects

PowerPoint offers animation effects of different types, like motion paths, entrance effects, entrance effects and emphasis effects.

Step 4Bringing transition effects

After creating animated clipart, you can also choose a transition effect to offer a special look to your presentation. In this case, when the slide is revealed this transition effect can easily complement your animation.

 04 How Do I Make an Animated Video in Powerpoint?

When you wish to create an animated video for PowerPoint, you can do this easily. The steps are:

Step 1Insert the video into a slide

Insert the video into a slide and then click on "Insert "and select the option "Video".

Click on the video and align it to the right position and size. Open "Animation Pane".

Step 2Create a speech bubble

It is not necessary to interrupt your video while inserting an animation. So, it's important to create a speech bubble.

Click "Shapes" and choose between different arrows, shapes, flow charts, that you can insert into the video.

Step 3Select "Animation Pane"

Click on the speech bubble. Go to "Animations" and select "Animation Pane".

The animations can be inserted from the "Entrance" area.

Step 4Choose "Inbox"

Click on the speech bubble and choose "Inbox" and then "Fly-In". The effects will appear in the area of the animation.

By moving the animation on this you can select the time when the animation will appear in the video.

Step 5Play the video

Right-click on "Start With Previous" to allow the animation to start and move.

The speech bubble will appear in the video after just 30 seconds, so move the animation until 30 sec. If you wish to stop the video in just 30 sec, click on the video and add "Play".

Step 6Move the animation

Click right and choose the "Start With Previous" option. Move the animation to 0 seconds. Add "Pause".

Click on "Add Animation" and then "Pause". Then click right and choose "Start With Previous Again". Move the animation to 30 sec as you need to stop the video from there. You can change the length by inserting the animation "Pause" again.

Step 7Run the video

Click right and select "Start With Previous". While the continuation of the video, if you want the speech bubble to disappear, click on the bubble and on "Add Animation" and then "Exit" and choose "Fly Out".

Click right and choose "Start With Previous "again. Move the animation to 60 seconds, as the video will start to run there.

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