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How to Add Animation and Make Your Photos move?

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Oct 26, 2023• Proven solutions

Content creators use different methods to make their still photos come to life. Animation is one of the simple techniques to add movements to your photos. The animated overlay is likely to add a cinematic effect to the photos. Various applications, tools, and software enable you to add animated overlays to the pictures.

You can add animation by following simple steps if you have the right application or software at your disposal. Moreover, animation can also be added through online tools. If you want to become an expert in this art, the following guide will help you. Let's start without any further delay.


Part 1: How to add animation to your photos and make a video?

Combining photos to make a video can be exciting. There are a variety of online tools and software that enable you to make a video from a couple of pictures. The created video can be further enhanced by adding animation, background effects, music, and much more. Filmora is a one-stop shop for all these features. Its built-in animation library includes pan, blur, fade, and other effects that help you present photos in an attractive manner. Moreover, the application is also equipped with captivating templates. So, impress your audience with creative designs. Follow the step-by-step guide below.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Step 1 Launch Filmora

Launch Filmora and click on File>import media>import media files to add photos. Drag and drop all the photos you want to include in a video.

Step 2 Place photos on the timeline

Drag the photos to the timeline.

Note: Drag and drop all photos in a preferred sequence to get an output video. Plus, also use a splitter to get away with extra parts. Background effects and music can be added in the same step.

Step 3 Split and add background

Click on the timeline and choose split. Then, select effects and choose any blur effect you want to add. Spread the effect along the timeline.

Step 4 Add keyframe animation

Double click on the Photo and then select animation. Choose options from the Preset menu.

Step 5 Add Filters

Go to Effects and choose the overlay option from the left side pane. Add the Bokeh Blur effect that suits your pictures the most.

Step 6 Add Titles

Choose the Title option from the above menu and select a title you want to add to your photos.  

Step 7 Export

Click on Export from the above menu and select create a video option from the drop-down list.

Click here to download the example project and import it to your Filmora to have a try!  

Part2: How to add animation to your title in a video?

Filmora is a powerful video editing tool with advanced features. Plus, its features relevant to motion graphics are also impressive. Motion graphics are primarily used in making video titles to grab the interest of the audience. What makes the title more compelling is the background music. In addition, the content becomes more understandable for the audience if it is incorporated with animated text.  So, if you are interested in a simple process of adding animation, follow the simple steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Launch software and add media files

Click on Filmora to launch it. Go to file, click on import media, and select import media files

Note: It is highly recommended to download applications from trusted sources. Plus, you must download the updated version of the software to use advanced features. 

Step 2: Select the title template and apply.

Click on the Titles tab and choose the title of your choice. The preview window will show you how the selected title will look. Drag and drop the title on the video timeline.  

Note: You can try different templates and check them in the preview window before applying them to the timeline

Step 4: Add animation

Double click on the Text and go to the Advanced edit option. Here you can add animations and change the size and opacity of the animation. Play the video to check the results. 

Step 5: Export

Click on Export from the above menu and select create a video option from the drop-down list.

Do you like the fancy animation that makes your photos alive? You can also make an amazing slideshow without using animation.

Part3: how to make a slideshow via free and online tools?

Creating slideshows becomes easy when you have access to free online tools. Canva is one such tool that allows you to create photo and video slideshows with innovative built-in templates. You can make a slideshow for any occasion, from birthdays to weddings to graduation parties. In addition, Canva also comes with a versatile and wide music collection. Moreover, styles and layouts in the Canva collection are also unique and inspiring. Canva is compatible with all operating systems. So, you can use it on both your smartphone and computer. It comes with a presenter view option to facilitate presenter. In short, Canva is ideal for creating and presenting a slideshow, and that too free of cost. If you want to learn the quick procedure of combining slides in Canva, the next section mentions simple five simple steps. 

Step 1: Sign up for Canva

Click the signup option on the top right corner of the screen. Sign up using your Google or Facebook account to continue.


Note: Sign up option is only for new users. People having registered accounts may use the log-in option to continue. 

Step 2: Select template

Click on the template to choose the right one for you and add it to the page.


Note: You may find it difficult to get the right template. So, you can filter the templates using a search tool that filters the templates specific to industry or niche.

Step 3: Create a slideshow

Select customized background, font, color, and also add background music. Animations can be separately applied to each slide. 


Note: You can also use other features when customizing slideshow such as videos, GIFs, etc. Likewise, you can also add media from your device storage.

As you can see, making a slideshow via online and free tools is convenient. However, they are not as powerful and stable as video editors like Filmora. Download Filmora now and give it a try!

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Part4: Extensive reading: What makes a good slideshow?

Slideshow is normally used to present information in the presentation. It adds unique value to the visuals in the slide. So, viewers are likely to take an interest in the information if presented using a slideshow. However, the slideshow must be optimized to yield the best results. This means that the tools must be perfectly used with a suitable color scheme and font. If you wonder what other factors can improve the slideshow, we have shortlisted few characteristics to make the slideshow attractive. 


Transition can add movement to the slides. Slide show creating applications are equipped with built-in transition styles to incorporate in your slideshow. You can also add advanced transition styles if provided by the application. In brief, the transition effect makes the slideshow compelling and fascinates viewers. 


Music has a magical effect on people. Slideshow viewers are no different. Music libraries are added to the slideshow creators to make the visual presentation interesting. Similarly, the background music also helps viewers to maintain their interest. So, if you fear boredom in the middle of the slideshow, music can help you deal with this problem.

Want some sites to download music? See this article: Top 9 Sites to Download Music for Slideshow.


The title is the very first thing that may come to the sight of the viewers. So, if your title is captivating and eye-catching, it will get the attention of viewers. The clear title also signifies the purpose of the presentation. In short, the title needs to be meaningful, concise, and relevant to the slide to facilitate the audience. 


How to write good titles for different scenarios?

Understanding the scenario is the most important thing to produce a meaningful and good title. This enables you to come up with a title that engages the target audience from the very beginning. Moreover, it should also explain the intent of the scenario. In addition to this, it must emphasize the value of the topic to the audience. Last but not least, the title needs to address the scenario in a broader domain.

How to get royalty-free music for the slideshow?  

The ideal music is a must for slideshow. However, it must be copy-right-free to avoid legal issues. The wide collection of soundtracks included in the music library of Filmora is royalty-free, and you can use it anywhere in your slideshow. Moreover, YouTube audio library also provides easy access to soundtracks that lies in the public domain. In addition, Software like Audio Jungle and Audio Blocks offer high-quality and royalty-free music tracks.


There is no better option than a slideshow when you are presenting to the audience. So, the only way forward is to make them as good as possible. Animated overlay videos, animated text in the title, to name a few, are effective techniques to enhance the viewer's interest in the slide. Similarly, background music, transition style, and other factors also play an important role. To conclude, you need to find a one-fit-all solution to improve the quality of your content in the visuals. Filmora and Canva are few tools that provide a chance to add animation, music, and much more. 

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