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5 Websites with Animated Logos That Can Catch Your Eyes

Best websites with animated logos to look at as an ideal. How you can design an attractive logo for your website?

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Dec 13, 21, updated Jun 12, 24
5 Websites with Animated Logos That Can Catch Your Eyes

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Animated logos could be difficult to make for someone who has no experience with animation. That is why we are here to tell you how you can make an attractive animated logo.

Learn more about websites with animated logos through this article.

Part 1 Why You Should Use Logo Animation

Those who make it big are known to brave the storm. The ones who follow the crowd just turn out to be ordinary. However, those who innovate, rise to a higher level. Here is why you should go for a website with animated logo!

01They grab viewers attraction

The human mind chooses to believe in the supremacy of what appeals to them visually. It is highly important to grab the user's attention in order to make a mark. Animated logos help your website to visually appeal to the viewer and grab his/her attention. Potential customers will tend to remember the logo of your website and this would directly impact the conversion rates of your website.

grab viewers attention

02Increase in brand awareness

Brand awareness is key to a website’s success. As we saw earlier, people often tend to remember brands by their logo and not name. An attractive animated logo will help you create a strong brand awareness among potential customers and help your brand gain popularity.

Increase in brand awareness

03Animated logos can convey more

A brand logo is supposed to be the identity of a brand. The logo should be capable enough of explaining your website’s understanding about the field. For instance, if your company is in the cyber security domain, the logo should be good enough to justify your company’s expertise. Animated logos help you establish trust by conveying more through the medium of a logo.

Increase in brand awareness

Part 2 4 Awesome Ways to Use Logo Animation

01They can serve as introductions to marketing videos

Video marketing is one of the most commonly used marketing techniques. Research suggested that about 99 percent of brands use video marketing in order to enhance their brand image. Starting of your video with an animated logo will not just look catchy but also make the video all the more professional.

02They can make great outros

Just like animated videos can serve as amazing introductory bits of the video, they can also be the perfect outros to videos. If you haven’t added your animated logo in the introduction of the video then they can be added at the end. This will lead to your viewers remembering your brand for a longer time.

03Look very attractive at trade shows

Trade shows are opportunities where websites and company owners can interact with investors and potential customers face to face. It’s an excellent opportunity to make your mark on the big stage. Logos of companies may be projected on the big screen in such events. At such events when you have just a few seconds to make a mark, you need your logo to grab the viewer's attention. Hence, animated logos could be very useful.

04They could be a great addition to your company’s email signature

Emails are regarded as the 3rd largest information sources in the B2B industry. It is one of the largest means of communication and marketing. Email signatures have been around for years; however the traditional email signatures have now gone out of fashion. Contemporary email signatures include animated logos to leave a bigger impact on the receiver. Using animated logos, you can add grace to your email signatures and escape the ordinary.

Part 3 6 of the Best Animated Logos


Mastercard is one of the first companies to use animated logos. The logo is simply fantastic due to the meaning it conveys without any complex animation. The animated logo involves the traditional venn diagram logo of mastercard morphing into several objects. These objects include everything from food to groceries to luxurious products. It basically includes the various kinds of commodities people buy using mastercards.

02Burger king

Another popular brand that uses animated logos is the american fast food giant, burger king. The logo is not highly flashy like we see in mastercard. However, the animated logo does obviously look more attention seeking than the conventional static logo. The logo shows the stacking of the different elements of the logo one by one over each other. This resembles the process of making a burger.


Another logo that would classify as a flashy animated logo is the fedex logo. Initially, fedex had experimented with several logos before sticking to the arrow logo which continues even today. The animated logo involves an arrow making the letter “Fedex” with its trajectory and then finally settling in between letters X and E. The logistics giant delivers couriers from one corner of the world to another, and the arrow symbolizes exactly that!


Flickr is a popular stock image and video hosting platform. Anyone can use the stock images and videos in their content. The logo starts with a blue and pink dot initially. These dots later expand in a whirlpool like motion. The logo starts off with the static logo before it expands. The idea is to show that the online stock image portal goes beyond limits and has every picture and video you’d need


Bundle is a popular app that offers its users rewards upon shopping from selected stores. These stores have an alliance with bundle and upon shopping from them, users seek reward points on the bundle app. The animated logo starts of with a pink screen which later converges to become a large “B” wrapped with a gifting ribbon. Although, the logo is pretty simple it does an amazing job at explaining the brand’s MSP and attracts customers.


The logo of google has evolved over the years. Google is almost synonymous to attractive logos and it comes up with attractive new logos every now and then. One of the newest logos, an animated one, is by far one of the most attractive animated logos. It aims to depict the numerous things users can search using “Google voice search”.

Part 4 5 Websites with Premium Animated Logo Templates


There are several applications you can use for animating your next logo for your website. RenderForest is one such software that lets you explore multiple animated logo templates. The tool has an array of templates you can choose from. Each of the templates is unique in its own way and has its own charm. Additionally, the software also has a functionality using which you can animate your static logo using templates.


Developed and managed by Adobe, the editing application is a popular one. The software allows you to use several pre-made templates while animating. The animations that you can find on adobe spark are

02Adobe Spark

Adobe spark seamless and designed perfectly. Using adobe spark, you can give your animated logo a touch of class and perfection. Although the software is paid, it is worth every penny due to the numerous animation templates and video editing tools available.

Adobe Spark

03Design free logo

Another amazing tool for animation, design free logo is a complete animation tool that offers several animation templates. Additionally, the free software also lets users animate in 3 dimensions. The software is best suited for novice animators who have limited experience with animation. The software is very simple to use unlike its sophisticated counterparts.

04Logo maker plus

If you are looking for an android application that helps you create seamless animated logos, well logo maker plus is just the perfect application for you. The app has more than a 100 templates for animating your logo, hence making it the perfect app for those who want to perform basic animation. Additionally, the app also has multiple visual effects which would enable you to make catchy logos

Logo maker plus


The final software on this list of amazing softwares is animaker. The software works well to animate logos, presentations, and marketing videos. The software has more than 50 effects. Moreover, using this software you can add filters, effects and sound effects. The software also lets users upload the videos to facebook and youtube directly!


Final Thoughts

Today, we took a look at a few of the best animated logos which you could idealize.

Nowadays, even big brands are adopting animated logos.

They help establish a brand image and take your brand to a higher level.

We also saw a few softwares that could help you make an animated logo. Wish to make an animated logo? Head to any one of the websites and make your website with animated logos!

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