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How To Learn Cartoon Sketch Drawing— Pencil Sketch for Beginners

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Apr 21, 22, updated Jun 12, 24

How To Learn Cartoon Sketch Drawing— Pencil Sketch for Beginners

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If you are learning how to draw, particularly cartoon sketches drawing, you must start at a beginner's level. No skill is difficult if you just put your mind to it. You can learn the basics of the beginning, what you must do, and a learning curve, but if you have passion for it or love what you are doing, you will give it time to practice.

It all boils down to practicing it. Knowing how to draw beautiful sketch cartoons drawing is not a complex thing to do if you start at the beginner's level.

So, for all who are reading this article, we will show sketch drawings of cartoons, i.e., how to draw step by step in an understandable manner.

Part 1 Collection of 8 Hottest Cartoon Drawings

Here's a collection of 8 hottest cartoon love drawing pencil sketches for you.

01Motlu Patlu

This is a sketch of the Motu Patlu cartoon drawing. The artist used some simple forms such as a pear shape while developing the body in making this sketch. The pear shape helps in developing the bodies of cartoon characters. 

'Motlu patlu'

02Basketball Sketch Drawing

The cartoon basketball drawing is one of our top picks wherein the artist took his time to get every detail in the scene. The image alone tells the story. 

basketball sketch drawing

03Tom and Jerry Sketch drawing

If you were a lover of the famous cartoon Tom and Jerry, you should know this. Here's a sketch cartoon drawing of Tom and Jerry. 

tom and jerry sketch drawing

04Cat Sketch

Isn't this beautiful sketch cartoon drawing of a cat just it? The way the artist details it and gets the perfect fit made it part of our collection.

cat Sketch drawing

05Cute Cartoon love sketch

We couldn't have finished this list without adding this beautiful sketch cartoon drawing.

cute cartoon love sketch


This cartoon sketch drawing of Homer in the Simpsons is just it. Looking at the body build, you can easily trace the outline of the pear-shaped form.


07Cute Cartoon Drawing

This drawing cartoon sketch caught our attention, and we are sure you would love it. With the round head and pear-shaped belly, you will agree that you can start your learning journey with the steps listed in this article. 

cute cartoon drawing

08Cartoon love drawing

This sketch cartoon drawing portrays the love between a girl and a boy. It is one attractive sketch that shows details of expressions on the faces.

cartoon love <a id=

Part 2 How to Draw Cartoon Step by Step Easy Pencil Drawing

An essential factor you must bear in mind is that you must not let go of your creativity when learning how to draw. 

You have to be free with yourself and try to create cartoon sketch drawings of characters that you love. 

The more it's about something you love, the better you get at it. 

Here's a step-by-step process of an easy pencil drawing or sketch cartoon drawing.  

Step 1: Draw a circle

Draw a circle and a "noodle" shape, as shown in the illustration. The head is a circle, and the body is a pear form.

The lower half of the pear is fatter than the top. Take note of how the upper half slightly overlaps the head circle.

draw a circle

Step 2: Draw a pair of eyes.

As shown in the image, add the perspective guidelines around the head. These recommendations will assist you in correctly positioning your rabbit's eyes and nose.

Above the horizontal guideline, draw the eyes. Where the parameters cross is where the nose is put.

draw the eyes

Step 3: Draw the cheek and Wings

Make the cheekbones. As shown in the illustration, add the ears and arms. It's OK if the ear shapes differ somewhat from those displayed.

Notice how the arm contour curve organically emerges from behind the shoulders when you sketch the arms. Make it this way if you can.

draw the cheeks and wings

Step 4: Draw the legs

Draw the legs and tail of the animal. The arm and leg curves may appear to be challenging. As a result, be gentle with your pencil. Don't yank on the pencil too hard!

Your cartoon rabbit's shape is now plainly evident.

draw the legs

Step 5: Draw the mouth

Let's focus on the face for a moment. Draw an iris ellipse and an inner line in the ear inside the eyes. Include the nose. Draw the mouth and the teeth.

draw the mouth

Step 6: Outline the contours

Because rabbits eat carrots, this one eats them in excess. Outline the carrot's outlines. On the legs, draw the brows and the fingers.

As you may have observed, I messed up the teeth in the previous image. Therefore I deleted the thick black pencil lines that were superfluous.

Erase and Shade (Step 8)

outline the contours

Step 7: Outline the Character

Now, outline the contours of the entire character with a softer pencil. You can pick up B4 or B6 (if you don't have either, try HB). Please leave a little bright dot on the nose while darkening it.

outline the character

Step 8: Erase and Shade

Remove everything that isn't required. See? That is how your bunny should seem.

I also advocate using a pencil-type eraser in addition to regular or kneaded erasers. Shade the entire rabbit's body if you're using a graphite pencil. The inside of the ear, the belly, the paws, and the tail can all be white or brighter.

erase and shade

Bonus Software for Beautiful Sketch Cartoon Drawing:

Wondershare Filmora Video Editor is a superb video editing software developed by Wondershare. It is a simple entry-level version with preset video templates and effects. With the numerous powerful features in Filmora, we can add amazing effects to our cartoon sketches to make them look better.

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Here's how to use Filmora for cartoon sketch drawing enhancements.

Chroma key (Green screen): This feature can change the background of your sketched cartoon drawing photo by adding special effects to make it look nice.

Color Match: Color match is a feature in Filmora used to apply color correction settings in a video. You can use this feature to enhance your sketches.

Mask and blend: Filmora mask and blend feature has resourceful modes and is easy to use. You can use them for your pencil sketched cartoon drawing.

Ending Thoughts

Making beautiful sketch cartoon drawings is not rocket science. It is a result of consistent practice. 

In this article, we have given you key points and strategies you can use to start practicing cartoon sketch drawing. However, do begin from our idea, i.e., a circle for the head and a pear for developing the body. 

Thus, your journey to learning how to draw cartoons step by step quickly with a pencil is already a walkover.

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