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How to Make an Emoji of Yourself on Android and iPhone [Emoji Yourself]

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

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The introduction of stickers and emojis have transformed the texting experience—no more boring texts. Just make an emoji of yourself in every mood and instantly express yourself in a better and funnier way.

Whether you own an iPhone or an Android device, you can easily emoji yourself that exactly mimics your appearance and reaction. It’s time to up your chatting game and make exciting emojis.

In this article, we will show you how to amaze your friends by teaching you to make an emoji of yourself in no time.

Part 1: Make an Emoji of Yourself on iPhone

iPhone has now introduced a fun feature that lets you make an emoji of yourself, the exact mirror image of you, just smaller and animated.

Here’s how you can make an emoji of yourself in 2 easy ways:

Method 1-By the iPhone Message app

iPhone has now introduced an in-built feature to let you make an emoji of yourself without having to download any other apps. However, you can only make an emoji of yourself in iOS 13 or later.

For the lucky lot of you, let me walk you through how to make an emoji of yourself in a few simple steps:

1.Open your iMessages. Go to a previous chat or tap the New Message Make sure your Appstore icon is toggled on to display the app tray. Hit the Animoji icon, represented by the monkey. Swipe to find the + plus sign for New Memoji to emoji yourself.

Open New Messages

2.Now you can make an emoji of yourself by adding even the smallest details. Start by selecting your skin color. You can even add freckles or adjust your skin color’s warmth or paleness with a slider.

Adjust Emoji Color

3.Hairstyle-Select the style that mimics the real you or goes for your dream hair-do.

Emoji Hairstyle

4.Head Shape-Select the age group from kids, adults, old, and your face cut by choosing the chin that best fits you.

Select Head Shape

5.Nose & Lips- After selecting your eye color, shape, and brows, choose a nose shape and a lipstick color and intensity.

Select Eye Color

6.Eyewear/Headwear-Add glasses, adjust tint shade, color, and choose a hat, cap, or turban as you like. Finally, click Done to save the emoji.

Emoji Yourself

Method 2-Using the Avatoon app

If you want to make an emoji of yourself that is more fun and personalized, from your dress to your pose, Avatoon is your way to go. With more than 500 customizable options, Avatoon lets you make an emoji of yourself meticulously, allowing you add avid details that pave the way for a hilariously amazing texting experience

1.Install and launch Avatoon app.

Download Avatoon App

2.Now, choose the face shape that best matches your features and also select your face color. Add freckles(if you have any).

Add Emoji Freckles

3.Next up is the hairstyle. There is a range of hairstyles from straight to wavy. Pick one you like best. You can choose the eye shape, color, brow, nose, lips, and finally, add some funky or formal eyewear to complete the look. Press Save.

4.After you make an emoji of yourself, you can further fine-tune it by adding detailed features and accessories using coins. Choose a stylish dress for your avatar from the Clothes tab or add a fun background.

5.Click on Photoboothto fit your emoji in a themed photo for an event or celebration.

6.Click on Poses and select your pose and share directly to any social media platform or save to phone.

Part 2: Make an Emoji of Yourself on Android

Now you can make an emoji of yourself even on an Android phone with the Mirror emoji app. Take your texting experience to the next level. Quickly make an emoji of yourself and wow your friends and family with the cute mini version of yourself.

1.Install and launch Mirror. Now, to make an emoji of yourself for your current look, take a selfie or click the gallery icon to choose an existing image to emoji yourself.

Download Mirror Emoji App

2.Click the left one to make an original avatar or the right one if you wish to make an emoji of yourself as an anime. Click Next. 

Go To Next Step

3.Now, customize your emoji. Add a hairstyle, choose your glasses, cap, headphones, turban, scarf, or even devil horns.

Customize Emoji Setting

4.Customize your dress color to your liking. Then, click Next.

Choose Dress Color

5.Once you make an emoji of yourself, Mirror will display a range of fun stickers for instant sharing.

Display Emoji Sticker

6.Click on any sticker, choose a mood using the emojis displayed and click to share or save to the device.

Save Emoji Of Yourself

7.In the Sticker backstab, choose a themed sticker set and click Add to WhatsApp.

Share Emoji To Whatsapp

Conclusion-Ready to Emoji Yourself?

With texts being taken over by stickers and emojis, it’s high time for you to enter the league. Make an emoji of yourself in different moods and add funny backgrounds to express yourself fully and hilariously.

Use the in-built iPhone feature or a powerful app to make an emoji of yourself stand out from the crowd of mainstream messages. And take inspiration from our guide to surprise your friends with an emoji that looks exactly like you, just a bit smaller.

Here, we recommend Wondershare Filmora, due to its AR camera feature, which makes taking selfies more interesting. This AR camera function includes animoji and memoji avatars for a fun and excellent video.

Go on and make an emoji of yourself. Show your friends how awesome and unique you are with a beautifully personalized emoji.

Good luck!

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