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How to Edit Memoji on Android and iPhone

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

A memoji is simply the cartoon avatar of you. You can easily learn how to edit memoji and make a custom memoji that is the exact mirror image of you. From eye color to freckles, you can add every feature that makes the memoji look like a mini cartoon version of you

Since a custom memoji is a more personalized way to express our emotions, it can be the perfect way to add a hint of humor to conversations. Everyone loves a unique sticker, especially if it looks like them. So, you can take help from our guide on how to change memoji and take your texting experience to the next level.

Bonus Tip—Memoji VS Emoji

Now you must be wondering what the difference between a memoji and emoji is. Well, there is the first major difference, which is that a memoji is the cartoon avatar of you, whereas an emoji is just around yellow-faced cartoon with various expressions

1.The memoji is solely based on a human face, but an emoji can be any object, place, or even a symbol. While you can mostly craft a custom emoji personalized to your style and likings, emojis are limited. Custom memoji can also be dressed and decorated to serve as the perfect mini-version of you, complete from earrings to freckles.

2.Moreover, almost everyone has the same set of emojis. But since memojis are created to look like a person, everyone has a very unique pack of memojis looking like the cartoon version of them.

Despite the differences, both memojis and emojis carry equal significance and can spice up your texting experience in hilarious ways.

Part 1: How to Edit Memoji on iPhone

Majority of you might be iPhone users and so it's only fair to show you some easy ways on how to edit memoji on your iPhone. There are two ways to create a custom memoji and then edit it. Lets dive in!

Method 1: Edit Memoji in the Built-in Editor

The introduction of iOS13 has made it possible for the majority of iPhone users to create or edit their memojis as they like. But in order to use this built-in editor to create a custom memoji, make sure that your device is updated to iOS13.

In this Apple-exclusive editor, the steps are pretty straightforward. But to help you further, I will walk you along with the steps in detail

  • Go to the iMessages and open a new message tab or a previous conversation and tap the Appstoreicon to reveal the app bar. Hit the Animoji icon represented by the three heads

Hit Memoji Icon

  • Choose the memoji you wish to edit and click the three dots in the bottom left corner. Click Editon the pop-up dialogue box. You can also tap on Duplicate to copy the same memoji.

Copy Same Memoji

  • Now you will be given various options to craft a custom memoji that looks exactly like you, right down to every detail. Click on the Skintab to change the skin color, add freckles or a beauty spot

Edit Memoji

  • Choose the hairstyleand hair color that suits you the best

Choose Memoji Hairstyle

  • In the Browstab, select your brow style. Go through all the tabs to choose the perfect headwear, glasses, or even AirPods to create the perfect custom memoji

Select Memoji Brow Style

Method 2: Edit Memoji Using the Avatoon App

Avatoon is a great memoji maker app that lets you edit memoji from scratch and has an extensive collection of features you can choose from to make the cartoon look exactly like you. You can even auto-create a memoji by taking a selfie, and Avatoon will do the rest. In manual creation, you can select every detail from eyelashes, tattoos, headwear, and even jewelry.

Let me show the easy ways how to edit memoji using Avatoons powerful tools

  • Firstly, download launch Avatoon.

Download Avatoon App

  • Choose Manual Creationto create a personalized custom emoji

Create Custom Emoji

  • Now you can choose your face shape, hairstyle, eyes, brows, etc. Add headwear or glasses that depict your style

Choose Hairstyle And Brows

  • Now that you have created a basic cartoon self, you can add much finer details by using coins.

Add Memoji Details

  • Click on the Photobooth at the bottom to choose a cool background for your memoji.

Find Photo Booth

  • Once you have decorated the memoji, tap on Poses, choose the mood you like and instantly share via different sharing platforms

Decorate Memoji

Part 2: How to Edit Memoji on Android

MojiPop is an amazing free app to make a custom emoji. It is packed with stickers and animated caricatures for every mood or emotion. Just take a selfie and start communicating using your cartoon face. You can even edit your memojis to suit your style. Then send the memoji to your friends to surprise them with a hilarious custom memoji

If you're wondering how to edit memoji, here's a short guide for you:

  • Launch MojiPop and click on Create Avatar. Either take a selfie or choose an existing image from your gallery. Specify the age group.

Click Create Avatar

  • MojiPop instantly displays avatar styles, choose one that best fits you and click Next

Display Avatar Style

  • Select different features in tabs for hair, eyes, headwear to make the custom memoji look just like you. Click Confirmto save it.

Make Custom Memoji

  • In the Discovertab, choose a gif template to wish someone or express your feelings.

Choose Gif Template

  • Click on the Share icon and choose the platform for instant sharing

Share Memoji

Ready to Edit Memoji by Yourself?

Are you ready to make your conversations more interesting and engaging using custom memojis? Because who doesn't love a mini version of themselves displaying how happy or angry they feel? What better to communicate without saying a word?

And we hope that our short tutorial on how to edit memoji helps you create different versions of yourself to express yourself better.

Now that you know how to edit memoji to your liking, what are you waiting for? Go on to edit and create a hilarious avatar of yourself and enjoy texting

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Shanoon Cox is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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