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How to Make Your Own Emoji in 2 Ways [Step-by Step Guide]

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

The small yellow faces that we have come to call emojis are now rapidly being used on all platforms. Whether you're sending an email or texting a friend, emoji is ever-present to spice up the conversation and give it an emotional touch. But these cliché emojis are now becoming dull, and the creative side in us is craving for something more personal and fun.

To satisfy that craving of being unique, you can now create your own emoji. Tease your friends with an emoji of their faces or custom-create an emoji that best expresses your facial expressions. The customized emoji can be an object or an emotion, while the only limitation is your imagination.

Let me show you how to make emoji that relates to your feelings and will help you transform your texting experience.

Method 1: Make Your Own Emoji Using Online Emoji Maker

Emoji Maker is an online tool to quench your thirst for creativity. It is free and incredibly easy to use. You would think that it takes expertise to make your own emoji, but, fortunately, all it takes is imagination and a few clicks, of course.

You can create an emoji from the face shapes available or customize a funny emoji using your own or a friend's face. You can finally take revenge by pasting the funniest mustache on your ex's face or making them bald. (Savage, right?)

Better yet, you can make a superhero emoji of yourself and even change the background as if you're in the sky. The functions of this Emoji Maker are countless and of a professional level. These customized emojis are bound to make you stand out in those group chats

Now, as promised, I will show you exactly how it's done.

1. First of all, open Emoji Maker on your browser.

open emoji maker

2. Select a sample shape and face. You can even upload your own selfie to use as a face.

select emoji sample

3. Now change the various features on the face such as eyes, hair, mustache, glasses, nose, etc

change emoji face

4. The undo and redo buttons are available for quick creations. The size of the emoji can be adjusted by clicking on the features and dragging it.

5. A panel on the right lets you copy, paste, or move the selected feature up, down, to the front or behind.

adjust and make emoji

6. You can also click on the Text tab to insert a message with customized size, color, or font

create emoji text

7. After customization, press Save in the top right corner. You can either directly save the emoji to your pc or crop to size and then save.

save emoji

Method 2: Make Your Own Emoji Using an Emoji Maker App

Zmoji is an app that lets you create a whole range of personalized avatars of yourself. Imagine a collection of stickers of different emotions but all featuring you.

You can create your avatar manually or by using the facial recognition feature. Moreover, you can dress up the avatar to look just like you. There is a wide range of stylish clothes you can choose from. Be funky or silly, or be you. Who cares? It's time for some fun.

Let there be a mini-you in a funny or silly position. Or a dancing avatar of you to express your delight or crying a pool of tears after a piece of bad news, next-level texting, right?

1. Download Zmoji or either your Android or Apple device. Launch it.

download zmoji app

2. Choose your gender. Click on Facial Recognition and take a selfie to proceed. Or tap Manual Creation to create a face yourself.

choose emoji creation mode

3. Choose from the variety of features to make the emoji look precisely like you. Click Save. You will also earn coins on creating an emoji that you can use to buy special features.

4. Now you can dress it up to match the real you and choose a pose that best fits your mood.

dress up emoji

5. Click on Photobooth and choose a template to create a sticker of you just like that.

make emoji sticker

6. Once you are all dolled up, press Save or share the avatar directly on Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram, etc.

save animated emoji

Bonus Tip-Add Your Emoji to a Video Using Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora, famous for its simple interface and professional video-making and editing tools, is here to save the day again. With the wide range of editing tools and effects that Filmora offers, I will show you how to create your own emoji and then enhance it further.

You can add the customized emoji or add other emojis from Filmora's library. Motion effects and other special effects will give your video a refined and dramatic look, and the customized emoji will be a cherry on top.

Download Filmora Win Version Download Filmora Mac Version

Let's surprise our friends with our unique creation!

1. Download and install Filmora. Launch it.

2. Click on File>Import Media to select the emoji you created as well as the video.

3. Drag and drop both onto the timeline.

4. In the viewer panel, adjust the size and location of the emoji.

5. Click on the emoji image in the timeline to change the values in Image, Color, and Motion. You can rotate the emoji or alter its color. You can even choose the motion of how the emoji comes in the video. This animated introduction of the emoji will give your video a dramatic look.

Finally, click Export, choose the destination folder, and the output format.


From creating unique emojis to creative avatars, you know it all now. We have walked you through how to make emoji in 2 easy ways. Now it's up to you. You can use these customized emojis to add a spark to your conversations or attract followers to your brands. Based on your ease, choose any method and let the creativity in you take over.

Wondershare Filmora will help you create the kind of unique video you need to stand out. Just don't forget to decorate your videos with your custom made emojis. You might get famous, who knows?

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Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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