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Top 10 Free Emoji Websites to Download Emojis Online

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

With the rise of social media and online conversations gifs, emojis, memes have taken a huge slot. A lot could be expressed without typing a word, just send an emoji and it will do everything for you on that chat. Sometimes we need a collection of emoji and we try to download emojis so that we can use them frequently without searching for them, a right emoji at the right time can do wonders. People today are very curious about sending many thoughts in one word so no one can do that but emojis. In this guide, you will learn about the best emoji websites and how can you download emojis for free on your device to use them later.

emoji website download emoji

Table of Content:

10 Free Emoji Websites to Download/Get Emojis Online

Now, you are all set to get the best emoji websites to download emojis and save them on your device and use them for a brilliant sense of humor. These emoji websites are specially curated and tested so that you don’t have to think twice before making an effort.

1. Getemoji

Getemoji a great emoji website to copy and paste and save emojis on your social media profiles. Be it our computer or mobile phone get emoji is compatible with all the operating systems and Chrome browsers. You can go to the website and scroll through thousands of free emojis to select from and copy the best emoji to your chats and captions to create an impact.

get emoji website

2. Pixabay

Pixabay is primarily an image website where you can download images of all kinds depending upon your requirement. Now, the emoji on this website are available in a huge quantity where you need to search for the best emoji and you will get the high-resolution emoji that you can download, save or copy-paste directly to the chat or caption on your social media channels.

pixabay emoji website

3. Emojicopy

Emojicopy is another website where you can find the best emoji and copy them to your chats and caption text easily from the browser. Emojicopy is just like other websites where you can get a lot of emojis to choose from and select one. Though it’s a simple website the thumbnail option on the header section makes it easier to navigate through a lot of different emojis on this website.

emoji copy website

4. iemoji

iemoji is something different from all the other websites that you have surfed until as it has some unique features to rely on. You can select the best emoji and tweak its skin tone and theme type before you use it on your social media channels. The best part about this website is that it provides the feature of sending an emoji as SMS and email to anyone and that is something brilliant when it comes to sharing.

iemoji website

5. Emojipedia

Emojipedia is another bible for emoji lovers, as the name suggests the interface of this website is quite like Wikipedia and you can get a huge library of emojis in different categories. The best part about this website is the categorization based on the platforms you are using or the device that you are running an app on. Emojipedia updates its database and you can find the Unicode version if you are looking for one. Overall, this website is quite technical and you can get all the emojis and technical items related to emojis if you are looking for one.

emojipedia website

6. Copy and Paste Emoji

Copy and Paste Emoji is an emoji website where you will get a huge collection of emojis to use on your chat windows that would certainly amaze your friends and loved ones. As the name suggests, you can copy and paste emojis to your social media channels from this website. This website has a huge collection of emojis and all the images are listed on the main page so that it’s easy to navigate and you can copy-paste the emojis on all the devices as this website is supported by Windows, iOS, Android, and macOS.

copy and paste emoji website

7. Emojiterra

Emojiterra is an emoji website with a collection of over 3304 emojis and images with their meanings. The website has a smooth interface where you can use the online keyboard to type the message and add emojis to it and later on you can copy-paste that message on your social media chats or captions. Apart from English, the website is available in 5 different languages and that makes this website stand out among its competitors.

emojiterra website

8. Emojiforu

Emojiforu is a good website for emojis and messages created using many emojis in a chatbox. If you are looking for some cool emojis and the long text messages that are created using some keyboard shortcuts, then this is the website that you are looking for. You can easily copy and paste any emoji that you like to your social media profiles. On this website, you will get some of the best emojis directly copied on your chat windows as the website also provides some cool tips on how you can create emojis on your chat windows with some simple buttons on your keyboard.

emojiforu website

9. Coolsymbol

Coolsymbol is a great website for emojis and other features that includes cool fonts, text decorator, big text generator, character counter, etc. There are a lot of features on this website that would certainly make you happy. Just create the best art and copy it to the social media platform that you are using. No doubt, this website has some great features that are really nice to use.

cool symbol emoji website

10. Joypixels

Joypixels is another great website that recently got rebranded in the emoji industry. Like the other websites listed this website also allows you to copy and paste cool emojis but there is one better feature that makes it stand apart and that is the chrome extension. You can download the jo pixel chrome extension and the rest is history. Now, if you are surfing social media sites from your browser then you don’t need to wait and worry, the chrome extension has all the features to serve your purpose.

joypixels emoji website

Add Emojis to Your Video with Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is a powerful video editing tool that comes with inbuilt effects that helps a professional to create amazing videos with the features it has. The most powerful feature it has includes the transitions, filters, motion elements, blending modes, and a free media library to soundtrack to your clips. Filmora comes in handy with some great features like 3D LUTs and Advanced color correction to give sharp look to your video and image files. These are just selected features that are mentioned here, there are unlimited features on the dashboard that would certainly amaze you.

1. Download and install Filmora on your computer.

Download Filmora9 Win Version Download Filmora9 Mac Version

2. Open Filmora, import your video to the Filmora media library and drag the video clip on the timeline that you want to edit with emojis.

drage emoji video to timeline

3. Now, navigate to the Elements tab, then go to Included-Emoji, and you can download free emojis and add it to your video.

filmora built in emoji

4. Or you can access Wondershare Filmstock (Filmora's effects store) to download the free animated emoji pack to get more animated emojis.

download animated emoji pack

5. Then simply add the emoji to the timeline. You can resize, rotate, color tune the emoji, or even add two or more emojis to the video as you like.

add emoji to video

6. Once done, click the Export button to export the video to your local device, or you can upload it to YouTube directly.

export the emoji video

Bonus tip: Create an Animation Video with Anireel

Anireel provides a faster and smoother animated video creation experience with customizable elements to bring anyone’s imagination to life. All you have to do is choose your script, input the content, and Anireel will instantly match your script to rich animation explainer scenes, convert the text into voice-over, and generate a vivid, complete animation video.

anireel animation software

Download Win Version


Emoji websites are hard to find and it’s even harder to find a website that allows you to download emojis and save emojis for later use. The guide has been great and there are 10 websites that you can utilize to get emojis, fonts, text decorators, and whatnot, and to make the social media integration easy for you because when you are chatting with a friend and a good line needs some decoration then no one can do that better than emojis. So, what are you waiting for, just go and check out these websites and let us know in the comment section about your favorite website?

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