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Best 10 Emoji Makers to Create Your Own Emojis [PC/Online/Android/iPhone]

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

In this generation of online chatting and social media, emoji plays a big role in making our conversation easier and interesting. It helps people to express feelings or convey something in a better way than words or sentences ever could. Adding an emoji to chat, video or photo brings more fun to the content and the type of emojis different individuals prefer to use will be different.

Want to create your own emoji? So there is a need for emoji makers that can help to create customized emojis depending on everyone’s likes.

There are a lot of emoji makers in the online market that offers a bundle of pre-packed emoji as well as help you to create emoji of your choice. These tools help you to create your own emoji on whichever theme you wish providing a lot of customizing options.

Part 1: Best 10 Emoji Makers to Create Your Own Emojis

Most people around the world use emoji in their conversations, whether it be chats, comments on social media, writing blogs, etc. But the type of emojis preferred by different people may vary and sometimes the default emojis available might not be enough to express what they wish to. Hence there is a need for creating more emoji, depending on each individual’s taste.

This is where the emoji makers come in. Here we will discuss the top 10 emoji makers that can be used to create attractive emojis for sharing on social media platforms.


Emoji is an online told that provides a lot of beautiful and unique emoji editing options to the users.

find emoji maker


  • Free


  • Offers a wide variety of emoji shapes
  • Allows to customize emojis in a match to the user’s face
  • Has an Emoji text function, that allows adding text to any emoji
  • Provides a lot of emoji background options
  • Provides multiple saving options for the emojis you have created

2. piZap Emoji Maker(Online)

piZap Emoji Maker is an online editor that has extensive emoji features that can help you to create awesome emojis. However, before you can do something, a mandatory signing in is required by this editor.

pizap emoji maker


  • Free
  • Extra Features - piZap PRO for $5.99 per month or $35.88 per year


  • All in one tool that can be used to create emoji, edit photos, create memes, etc.
  • 6 million stock images
  • Vibrant, colorful filters exclusive to this tool
  • About 367 font options

3. Flat Icons Emoji Maker(Online)

Flat Icons Emoji is one of the simplest tools that are available to you for creating customized emojis of your choice.

flat icons emoji maker


  • Free
  • Premium bundle offers for $79 or $3710 (depends on the packs you choose)


  • Offers a lot of shape options
  • Provides a good collection of icon bundles for free
  • Options to download both in PNG and SVG formats
  • Easy editing and saving options

4. is an online tool that allows you to design the emoji that you desire as well as provide you with printed copies of your design for an amount.

labeley emoji maker


  • Free


  • Cool designing features and options for emoji
  • Allows to save edits and make changes to it afterward
  • Provides a set of beautiful artwork collections
  • Provides “ print and delivery” option if you need physical copies of the emoji you designed (chargeable)

5. Disney Emoji Maker (Online)

As the name indicates, Disney Emoji Maker allows you to customize emoji based on some Disney characters. This emoji maker itself is very fun to use.

disney emoji maker


  • Free


  • An amazing user interface
  • A variety of emoji features to add
  • Apt for kids as well as grownups
  • Easy export of the created emoji

6. Animated Emoji Maker (Android app)

Animated Emoji Maker is a tool that allows you to create wonderful emojis on any android devices without much effort.

animated emoji maker


  • Free


  • Allows to create normal as well as animated emoji
  • Different characters like a cat, fox, dog, pig, panda chicken, monkey are available to create emoji
  • Allows to customize emoji according to the user’s appearance

7. Elite Emoji (Android app)

Elite Emoji is an android tool that will allow you to create high-quality emoji that can be used to express ideas and emotions in your conversations.

elite emoji maker


  • Free


  • 2000+ emoji options to choose from
  • Single touch sharing in social media platforms like WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, etc.
  • Ober 5000+ default messages to add to emojis
  • Emoji suggestions, taking into account the personality traits of each user

8. Boomoji (Android app)

Boomoji is a free Android application that will allow you to create fun avatar type emoji of your choice.

boomoji emoji maker


  • Free


  • A ton of characteristics to edit
  • Allows to create exact animate clones of the users
  • Direct sharing into social media networks

9. Zmoji (iPhone app)

Zmoji is an iPhone tool that allows you to create and customize emojis that you need for any social interactions.

zmoji create emoji


  • Free
  • Zmoji Premium for $99.9 per year


  • Quick and easy creation of expressive avatars and emoji
  • Create an animated avatar resembling the user appearance
  • A number of fashionable options and facial features are available

10. Emojily (iPhone app)

Emojily is a fun tool that provides a large number of crazy emoji features. It is a free iPhone application that allows the sharing of the edited emoji on any platform.

emojily create emoji


  • Free
  • $0.99 for unlocking single emoji packs
  • $3.99 for unlocking all packs


  • A ton of items to choose from to create unique emoji
  • An application provided keyboard to use the emoji
  • A variety of design options

Part 2: Add Emojis to Your Video with Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is an all in one video editing application that offers a ton of video editing options and features, with the addition of interesting emojis that can be used to create wonderful videos. Some of the best features of Filmora include a number of animated titles, motion tracking, animation keyframing, vide effects, enhanced video stabilization, noise removal, noise effects, and much more.

The Filmora application offers 9 inbuilt emojis within the tool and more emojis of different genres can be accessed by downloading the Animated Emoji Pack from the Filmstock effects store.

Adding emoji to videos has been a trend for some time. It is fun as well as allows the creator to express his ideas or feelings without the use of long texts and not offending the viewers in any way. So, let’s see how Filmora can be used to add emoji to any videos.

Download Filmora9 Win Version Download Filmora9 Mac Version

Steps to Follow:

1. Download and install Wondershare Filmora on your PC.

add video to the timeline

2. Create a New Project and add the video that needs to be edited to the Filmora timeline.

add video to the timeline

3. Tap on the Elements tab at the top and tap on the Emoji category on the side. A list of emoji elements will be displayed to you.

find free emoji

4. Or you can go to Wondershare Filmstock (Filmora's effects store), find the free Animated Emoji Pack and download more emojis.

download animated emoji

5. Select the emoji you like and drag and drop it just above the video on your timeline.

add emoji to timeline

6. Adjust the position, duration, or size of the emoji if needed. Then preview the results and make changes if necessary.

animate emoji

7. After that, tap on the Export tab and save the video to any location of your choice.

export animated emoji video


Emoji is a wonderful way of expressing one’s ideas or feelings towards something on social media platforms like WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook, etc. Most often the emoji provided by these applications may not be enough to express ourselves and hence there will be a need for creating or downloading more emoji. A list of the best 10 emoji creator apps has been listed above for you.

The use of emoji is not limited to just chats and comments, they are also used on images and videos. Filmora is an application that can be used to add emoji to video to make it more attractive and appealing.

We hope this article has been helpful to you. Please let us know what you think about our suggestion in the comment box below.

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