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10 Tips and Tricks to Better Use Pixlr Editor

Do you want to make your image unique and fancy instantly? Use Pixlr to execute free photo editing without installing additional tools.

Max Wales
Max Wales
Originally published Apr 11, 22, updated Jul 12, 24

Do you want to make your simple photos and illustrations captivating? Pixlr editor is there for you as it provides advanced tools within its friendly user interface. We know that professional photo editors are expensive and sometimes complicated to use. However, Pixlr photo editor remains an easy-to-use tool offering the same high-quality results that many professional editors do. Are you excited to use it?

Just by adding some elements and with retouches, make your ordinary photos attractive in a cost-effective manner. This article will discuss the smart tips and tricks regarding Pixlr Android & iOS apps that will assist you in gaining the best results. Let’s get started!

Part 1: 10 Helpful Tips for Using Pixlr Editor

You may have conducted simple photo editing, but it cannot achieve high-end results through these tips. For image enhancement and to eradicate unwanted elements from the photos, read this part to get instructions on how to use Pixlr photo editor. We hope you’ll learn a lot!

1. Make Necessary Adjustments

In photography, making adjustments to the image is necessary to get high-definition pictures. Pixlr editor download offers an all-rounded option of adjustments, where you can quickly set the temperature, saturation, hue, brightness, and exposure to the light. You can control the intensity of these adjustments from your finger and can preview the results on the screen.

To be more precise, adjust the contrast, vibrancy, shadows, highlights, and lightness. You can quickly bring drastic changes to the images just by controlling these elements. Isn’t it great?

do basic photo adjustments

2. Rotate and Crop

Now it's time to change the dimensions and perspective of your captured photo. Crop the undesirable objects from the picture and carefully set the boundaries of your photo. If you want to change the perspective of your image, you can rotate the photo according to your preferences. You can also zoom the image according to an extent by rotating the image through this efficient tool.

rotate or crop the image

3. Use Autofix

Are you afraid of applying inappropriate filters to your images? Then quickly tap on the feature of “Autofix” on Pixlr to automatically adjust and control the image's brightness, light, temperature, and saturation. Autofix can save your time and is able to detect the issues with your picture. Just with a single click, you can instantly enhance and erase the imperfections from your image permanently.

autofix the image

4. Remove Red Eyes

Red-eyed pictures occur when you capture the image in a night vision or dim light. So due to the lack of required light, the eyes of the subject in your picture appear to be red which may ruin the image. Pixlr free photo editor is capable of removing red-eye from the image with a single click.

To use this feature, just tap on the center of the subject’s eye, and the tool will automatically remove it. You can also control the intensity manually from the scale displayed on the screen. This is truly great!

remove red eye from image

5. Add Double Exposure

This technique is usually applied to merge two layers and exposures on a single image. You will browse an image from the gallery and can combine it with the existing image on the editor to make double exposure. People use this technique to display an artistic element by merging two photos at once. It also helps to convey deep meanings with symbolism and double exposures.

Through this distinct feature of Pixlr editor, apart from combing two photos at once, you can also apply subtle effects to make the photo surreal and creative.

pixlr double exposure feature

6. Splash the Colors

Mixing and playing with the colors is another way to express the innovative imagination. Pixlr free photo editor provides this opportunity to the people who would like to intermix the colors in their photos. On this feature, you can use the option of "Tolerance" to colorize the specific part of the image. Also, through "Tint," you can manage the color ranges. You can also colorize the whole picture with both of these options to display your creativeness. Sounds great!

splash feature of pixlr

7. Add Doodles

Do you like to draw and paint on the images? Pixlr editor enables individuals to draw on their pictures and can explore creative options to paint. To draw conveniently, click on the feature of "Doodle" to paint with vibrant colors. You can draw different shapes and cartoons and even add signatures through this option. Also, you can manage the size, feather, and color of your drawing tool and can easily paint with brushes.

pixlr doodle feature

8. Explore Borders and Stickers

What makes images exciting and inviting? Borders and funny stickers can help to enhance your images effortlessly. On Pixlr, there is a wide variety of borders that can instantly change the look of your dull photo. For instance, for a filmy and dramatic look, you can apply filters like dirt, cornered, film, etc. Whereas for a soft touch, you can add borders like clean, black, flowery, and ground. You can also tilt or set the frame of the borders according to your will.

When it comes to stickers, you can apply funny, sad, or angry stickers to express the emotion from a picture. You can easily embed the sticker on your images and share it with your social media platforms as a meme, message, or story. It is undoubtedly good for you!

borders and stickers of pixlr

9. Add Effects and Overlays

If you find your image still boring even after adding all the elements, borders, stickers, and drawings, you can apply high-quality effects and overlays to the images within no time. Effects act like filters that can change the color range of your picture, and each effect has a unique quality. The effects offered in this tool are atomic, creative, unicolor, vintage, and too old.

On the other hand, people like to use the feature of overlays to add extra layers and texture to their images for enhancement. Pixlr photo editor offers diverse effects and provides high-quality overlays that you can apply to the picture. Using these options, anyone can convert dull pictures into vibrant and lively ones.

pixlr effects and overlays

10. Heal and Smooth the Image

Another unique feature of Pixlr photo editor is healing and smooth brushes that can eradicate the irregularities and imperfections on your picture naturally. Through a healing tool, you can remove the flaws by pointing out the spots to be precise and accurate. You can also use options of shade and shine that work as natural filters that results in a perfect picture.

On the other hand, a smooth tool can work like magic by upgrading the resolution of the picture. If your picture has distorted pixels, this specific tool will smooth the imperfections as much as possible. So, transform your imperfect and low-quality pictures into high-end and professional ones through both of these features. Make sure to use this!

heal and smooth pixlr feature


Without editing photos, you can never accomplish high-end results from your photos. That’s why always try to explore reliable and professional photo editors like Pixlr editor to conduct instant image enhancements. For more details and guidelines, read this well-structured article to get tips and smart tricks to execute flawless photo editing. This will surely be helpful for you!

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